Community Tailgate: NFL Wild Card Predictions

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The NFL’s Wild Card weekend is nearly here, and it’s a pretty fascinating four-game slate for the league. Improbably, currently lists all four road teams as favorites for the Wild Card round, with the lines ranging from the Packers as one-point favorites in Washington to the Seahawks favored by six points in Minnesota.

Many of those lower seeds look like the league’s hottest teams heading into the postseason, including the Steelers, who have won four of their last five games; the Seahawks, who have won six of seven; and the Chiefs, who haven’t lost since October 18th. Still, considering no team is favored by more than a touchdown this weekend, there’s a good chance we could see a handful of close games, with strong potential for at least one or two upsets.

Here’s the full schedule of Wild Card games:

  • Chiefs at Texans (Sat, 3:35pm CT)
  • Steelers at Bengals (Sat, 7:15pm CT)
  • Seahawks at Vikings (Sun, 12:05pm CT)
  • Packers at Washington (Sun, 3:40pm CT)

What do you think? Will we see the home teams pull through, or will the lower-seeded favorites prevail for the most part? Weigh in below with your picks for Wild Card weekend!

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12 comments on “Community Tailgate: NFL Wild Card Predictions

  1. zachb45

    Pittsburgh wins 28-17

  2. Shane

    Chiefs, Bengals, Seahawks, and Washington all advance.

    • jacobsigel1025

      I had Pittsburgh over Cincinnati but now DeAngelo won’t be playing. I wouldn’t rely on Fitzgerald Toussaint in the run game so that may persuade me to pick Cincinnati instead. If you can’t develop a run game then the passing game won’t be very effective

  3. Pittsburgh is a much better team, more organized, better coaching, better QB, running backs, receivers, and better defense. I don’t think it is even close. I say 41-0 Pittsburgh.

    • jdawg

      Better rbs? And even worse, you think they have the better defense?? Must be a steelers fan

    • slpdajab55

      Man for man Pitt isn’t close to a better team. The defenses are not even comparable at any position, So there is a 1/3 of the team. Offense, Pitt has better QB, RB’s are hurt…if Bell or Williams were healthy then we will talk but otherwise not close. OFF Line- Bengals top 3 unit in football. WR- very close but very slight edge to Pitt…when will M Bryant be relevant again? TE- Miller is very good but Eifert is clearly the superior weapon. Special teams we will call even.

  4. Gogerty

    At least better QB, would goose a Ben led team over McCarron led team.

  5. Texans by 3, Bengals by 7, Vikings by 3 and Redskins by 3. Chiefs are untested by teams with a winning record. Bengals are the better team all around. Vikings get help from the cold and the Redskins outplay the Packers.

    • whereslou

      You guys and this cold nonsense. The gear these guys wear almost makes it s mom factor, besides RW had played in the cold. 5° is not nearly as bad as 34° and rain sleet and wind. I laugh at the guys saying the Hawks won’t want to hit AP, you think the Vikings want to hit Beast Mode? Sorry, the game will be closer but AP week tap out early just like last game and Teddy will be ibn trouble.

      • Believe it or not the cold does have a factor. Add in the fact that Beast Mode isn’t playing. I’m still saying that the Vikes will get the win.

  6. Motown_Madness44

    Texans upset of the week
    Bengals can’t believe their not the favorites at home
    Seahawks have out scored opponents on the road something like 135-35
    And the packers Rodgers will not end the season against the redskins who every says is so good with cousins and have only played 5 winning record teams

  7. slpdajab55

    Bengals 27 – 17 over Steelers- Steelers are good, but over hyped some imo. Played last 6 games against back up QB’s and barely made it. Plus weather forecast favors run game and Bengals clearly have upper hand in running game.

    Texans- 21- 12 over Cheifs- it’s very hard to maintain a consecutive win streak- now comp is better- Texans tough D will make it very hard to move the ball.

    Vikings 24- 20 over Seahawks – Zimmer has the Vikings focused and ready. Viking D will prove superior.

    Packers 28 – 21 over Skins. Green Bay finally hits their stride and offense comes back to life. Rodgers comes back to form.

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