Rams To Move To Los Angeles, Chargers Could Join

8:20pm: Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says it’s “unlikely” that the Chargers will play in L.A. in 2016, as Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post tweets.

7:50pm: The Rams are officially moving to Los Angeles and the Chargers will have the first crack at joining them through January 16th, 2017, as Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets. Following that, the Raiders will have preference, sources say.

If either the Rams or Chargers remain in their current cities, then they will receive $100MM to build stadiums (link). Meanwhile, USC has signed off on two NFL teams sharing the L.A. Coliseum starting as soon as 2016, Jason La Canfora of NFL.com tweets.

7:02pm: The Raiders have agreed to exit their “exclusive partnership” with the Chargers, setting up a potential pairing of the Rams and Chargers in Los Angeles, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports tweets.

If they leave San Diego, the Chargers could join the Rams immediately in Los Angeles for the 2016 season while playing at a temporary site. Alternatively, the Chargers could wait and play in San Diego until 2017 or later. Theoretically, the Chargers could treat their current home – Qualcomm Stadium – as their temporary site until the brand new facility is built in Inglewood. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be the likely stopgap for the Rams until their new stadium is erected.

6:46pm: The Rams are heading back to Los Angeles, according to Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News (on Twitter). The only question now is whether the Chargers will join them now or join them later. Los Angeles Rams generic (vertical)

On Tuesday night in Houston, owners cast their votes on two proposals: one which would green light the Chargers/Raiders plan in Carson, Calif. and the other pairing the Rams and another team in Inglewood, Calif. That first round of votes did not yield the 24 votes needed for either proposal. Now, it appears that the Rams have gotten the green light to move to their planned stadium in Inglewood. The Chargers could still move to L.A., but they won’t be heading to their proposed site in Carson, it seems.

The Raiders will receive additional loan money earmarked for a future stadium in their home market when this becomes official, Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com (on Twitter) hears. Bonsignore (on Twitter) believes that the Raiders could now immediately turn their attention to San Diego given the strength of that market.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Rams To Move To Los Angeles, Chargers Could Join

  1. Mightyveg

    The picture with the sign that says “Come Home Rams” is inaccurate as should the Rams were originally the Cleveland Rams. NFL is screwing St Louis a 2d time. Rams worst team in football over last 20 years.

  2. sportsjunkie24

    Glad to see the Rams heading to la

  3. TJECK109

    I wonder what the Raiders were given to exit the plans. Also I can’t imagine the Chargers playing in SD until 2017. If the Rams are going to play in 2016 in LA I imagine the Chargers will as well. First you have to wonder how the fans will support the team in SD if they play another year and by not playing in LA the Chargers would give the Rams a leg up in the market. It’s a big market but why give the Rams a jump start on the fan base.

    • Brutus

      I agree. The only way it might work for the Chargers to play in San Diego is if there seems like there may still be a legitimate chance that the Chargers might remain in San Diego. I still think the Chargers will struggle for a fan base in LA. Then again winning tends to solve a lot of issues, so you never know.

    • JohnnyBallgame

      Read the article brofesser. It says the raiders were given $100 million towards a new stadium. Also, the Rams already have a leg up on the Los Angeles market. We’re you born yesterday? They’ve been there before. As far as support in San Diego, they don’t care as the team would turn a profit even with no arses in the seats for one year and any seats lost would be gained back and then some year two and three. However, farewell tours have typically been successful.

  4. pads fan1980

    Listening to San Diego sports radio right now and so far chargers have not said they are going with Stan. They played a sound bite where Dean said he would never join Stan. The headline on this article is wrong. Will the Chargers move I do not know but nobody said the Chargers are on there way there.

    • Luke Adams

      You’re right. Chargers received approval to relocate, but their decision hasn’t been made yet — post has been updated with that detail.

  5. whereslou

    I think this sucks for the fans in St L but is good for Seattle and SF cuts down on travel plus one fewer 10am game. The fans can blame the city and state a little but it it’s mostly the greed of the NFL and owners. Not being close to it and reading a ton of what what on it does not seem to be as dirty as when the NBA stole the Sonics from Seattle. I feel the pain of the true fans but don’t worry Jacksonville will be coming soon. The fans just need to let the officials know they want a team back and get a real plan for a good stadium.

  6. seth3120

    I’m WAS an Stl Rams fan. I get LA wanting them back. We all get screwed by these jackasses. This is a league that lets the Browns pack up and move to Baltimore and shortly after gives them a new franchise. A fan base that has its own nickname. LA teams leave town and fight to comeback. Creating fan bases and stripping them away if cities don’t build billion dollar stadiums every 15 years. I’ll just have to pick a team that’s never moving like Dallas or someone even if we ever get another team.

  7. seth3120

    I will say to all my stl people on here we did not do everything we could to keep them here. If we had made this proposal before the deadline in place contractually Kroenke could not have moved the Rams. This last minute push while hard fought and quite impressive never had a chance because it wasn’t what the NFL wanted. We breached that contract ridiculous as it was and for that we can only blame ourselves. We played chicken with an owner that wanted a collision

  8. whereslou

    Watching ESPN I am pretty sure this was a way to pressure San Diego to get a better deal and keep them. Like was said earlier what did the Raiders get for backing out? The best thing for the NFL is to keep the Raiders and Chargers where they are with new stadiums and like I said earlier Jacksonville will be moving there soon. Keep the pressure on the officials the longer the wait the harder it will be to get a team.

  9. TJECK109

    On a side note I really wish the NFL would force the teams to create a new identity when they relocate. Use the Browns/Ravens move as an example. I know the Rams have been in 3 different cities and it’s kind of silly at this point. I am already sick of hearing about the Rams and they are not even back in LA yet. Wonder what the over/under of references to the Eric Dickerson and the Rams will be in their initial Monday night game will be.

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