Tom Brady Likely To Appeal To Supreme Court

10:14am: The NFL Players Association has issued the following statement regarding Brady:

The NFL Players Association is a labor Union that protects the rights of all of its members and pursues any violations of those rights by any means necessary. We are disappointed with the decision denying a rehearing, as there were clear violations of our collective bargaining agreement by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Despite today’s result, the track record of this League office when it comes to matters of player discipline is bad for our business and bad for our game. We have a broken system that must be fixed.

We will review all of our options carefully on behalf of Tom Brady and all NFL players.”

9:25am: Though there is no firm decision, the expectation is that Brady will attempt to take his case to the Supreme Court, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Brady will have 90 days to file an appeal with the SCOTUS.

8:45am: The Second United States Circuit Court of Appeals has denied Tom Brady‘s request for a rehearing, Daniel Kaplan of SBJ tweets. With that, it appears that his four-game suspension will stick. Brady’s only recourse now would now be to bring his case before the Supreme Court, but it’s very challenging for anyone to have their case heard on that level. Tom Brady (vertical)

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Still, it’s conceivable that Brady’s legal team could file an appeal with the Supreme Court if only to effectively defer the suspension until the 2017 season. A filing with the Supreme Court could also light a fire under the NFL and force the league office to engage in settlement talks. To date, Roger Goodell & Co. have been steadfast in their refusal to negotiate with Brady’s camp, but team owners have been putting pressure on the NFL to get the Brady story out of the headlines. If faced with another year of Deflategate talk and a possible airing of dirty laundry before the highest federal court in the U.S., the commissioner might finally acquiesce and offer to cut Brady’s suspension in half or nix it entirely.

Brady, of course, is slated to be suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season after a three-judge panel reinstated the ban that was incurred as a result of the Patriots quarterback’s role in the Deflategate controversy. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit overturned the 2015 decision by Judge Richard Berman, stating that Brady’s suspension should be upheld.

The Wells report commissioned by the NFL more than a year ago determined that Brady was “more likely than not” to have been aware of footballs being deflated below their usual levels during the AFC Championship Game against the Colts in January 2015.

If Brady’s four-game suspension is ultimately upheld, he won’t be eligible to return to regular-season action until Sunday, October 9th in Cleveland. The Patriots would be without their starting quarterback for games against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bills in that scenario. Understudy Jimmy Garoppolo would step into the starting role in New England if Brady is forced to miss the first month of the coming season.

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19 comments on “Tom Brady Likely To Appeal To Supreme Court

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    Cheating crybaby. Enjoy your suspension, it should be MUCH longer than just 4 games. More like 1 year, Super Bowl wins forfeited, name erased from record books and a very hefty fine.

    • Connorsoxfan

      LOL! I get it now. You don’t just hate the Celtics. You hate anything associated with Boston. I feel better now.

      • Connorsoxfan

        And you would punish them that heavily based on the fact that it is “more likely than not” that he was “generally aware”? Would you like to remove the names of everybody in the MLB over the last 30 years because it’s “more likely than not” that they were “generally aware” of someone who took steroids?

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        No not at all. I have nothing against the Celtics. I really don’t. They are hilarious. The Knicks too. It’s funny when big market teams try to hard and continue to fail. As for the rest of the Boston teams, same. Nothing against Red Sox, Bruins or Patriots. Brady and Belichick are proven cheaters though, many times over. Ppl like that do not belong in pro sports, or sports at any level. So Brady deserves the most harsh punishment possible, then double it.

    • staypuft

      Oh god, this sperglord again…

  2. MiamiPhins34


  3. Bobby Sweet

    I would keep fighting. Blanket statements such as “more probable than not” that he was “generally aware” don’t seem to fit in with the burden of proof concept in American courts.

  4. MiamiPhins34

    Good thing he wants to waste America’s time trying to take such an important matter to the Supreme Court…

    • It’s about him trying to prove his innocence. Personally, I’m not saying he is innocent or guilty, but he probably feels/knows he is innocent and as such wants to fight it. It’s why he didn’t take a settlement because it would involve him admitting guilt. Any other person who is wrongly convicted of a crime/feels they are innocent would do the same thing if they were able to.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        He’s guilty. It’s known. Everyone knows it. He has cheated to be as successful as he has been. All of the “GOAT” talk about Brady is complete nonsense. No other top QBs had to cheat like he did. GCOAT. Greatest Cheater Of All Time.

        • Connorsoxfan

          There isn’t even any proof he did it prior to that year… And there is minimal proof he did anything this year. I think he’s guilty, but not in a court of law. Unfortunately, the NFLPA negotiated fair arbitration away, so it doesn’t need to be fair.

        • blazeitlikelincecum

          LOL. Please. What a bitter douche you are. He’s the GOAT. No question. Belichick is too. I miss the days when the rest of the NFL and their fans didn’t act like jealous bitches.

  5. whereslou

    I am not sure but I would think the Supreme Court would have more important things to do than worry about some NFL QB having to miss a couple games. He set up his contract so it won’t cost him that much money and if Billy is so great it shouldn’t matter anyway.
    NE fans also need to realize it is more about lying, destroying evidence, and not cooperating than gas laws etc. Then the deflater keep telling yourself wss about losing weight. You do know if he would have confessed and said he did not think it was that big a deal he would have probably gotten a fine and this would have been all over a long time ago, but his ego wouldn’t let him do it.

    • Berger

      Really? Do you really believe that’s all that is at stake here? This has nothing to do with air in footballs or Tom Brady. This is all about the NFL and the NFLPA. The NFL is using this to try and establish their ability to control the NFLPA. You have no idea how far reaching this will end up being. This will potentially affect the next round of negotiations between the two entities in a very adverse way. To the point where there could be no football for more then a year, maybe even two.

  6. any injustice IS worth spending time on!

  7. TJECK109

    A system that’s broken and must be fixed? Isn’t it the one that he and all his players agreed to? Seems like they want to agree to a deal that favors them and then on issues they don’t like just go to court.

    What is the purpose of a CBA? Why is it that baseball, hockey and basketball never have these issues go to court? If the NFLPA wants to argue that Goodell overstepped then perhaps Smith and the lawyers should be straight to the point.

    The only reason the system is broken is cause you didn’t negotiate what you wanted in the first place. It takes 2 to make an agreement and Smith and his players approved it. I don’t care if it’s tom Brady or Greg Hardy this NFLPA is a joke.

  8. cleonjones

    First of all the Supreme Court isn’t going to hear this case. They don’t have to hear it. They just will deny bringing it before the court. They have bigger things to do than hear cases like this.

    Second, the NFLPA states there were violations. Well the Second Circuit disagrees. If the players want to be mad they should direct their hostility at their union which allowed the commissioner so much autonomy on issues of discipline. And by the way where was the NFLPA years ago on the concussion stuff?

  9. Why not? He’s probably bought them too.

  10. Francisco

    Ravens last place don’t hate us cause you ain’t us!! LOL

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