Latest On Rams’ Jeff Fisher, Les Snead

Extensions for Rams GM Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have yet to be finalized, but they are still expected to get done despite how poorly things went for L.A. in Week 1,’s Alden Gonzalez tweets. A previous report indicated that the contracts are on hold after the brutal loss against San Francisco. On Thursday, the Rams formally announced their new deal with defensive tackle Michael Brockers, so it stands to reason that extensions for Fisher and Snead might not be far off. Jeff Fisher (vertical)

We’ve been hearing about new deals for Fisher and Snead all offseason long but, so far, nothing has been finalized. While some have questioned whether they deserve extensions given the lack of success they have had in recent years, Stan Kroenke & Co. believe that the organization is headed in the right direction. The franchise also probably wants to maintain some continuity as it breaks into a new market.

Under Fisher, the Rams have gone 27-37-1 and haven’t done better than seven wins in any season. The Rams haven’t reached the postseason in more than ten years.

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5 comments on “Latest On Rams’ Jeff Fisher, Les Snead

  1. Clark

    How many losing seasons does it take to realize that Snead and fisher aren’t the guys? The Rams are telling LA that they are fine with below 500 seasons! That won’t fly in LA for too long. I’ll tell you this is Fisher is still head coach by the time the new stadium opens and they haven’t won a playoff game this franchise will be close to the worst run in the game. Of course Baalke and York will forever have that title

  2. johnnyomg80

    An extension??? For fisher??? Ummmmm WHY? And if Goff thing doesn’t turn around fast Snead goes too. What is the deal w/ accepting 7-9. They are Dallas west coast now

  3. fisher40

    The problem isn’t the coach or the GM. Fisher and Snead are doing a good job. It’s the fact they don’t have an above average quarterback. This is a quarterback driven league, the better your QB is, the more games your gonna win. If the Rams had a Rodgers or even Andrew luck or anybody else close to that caliber this is a 12 win team every year especially with the defense the Rams have which is very good

    • amyj21

      I disagree with the last post. It is Fisher and Snead’s fault because they are the ones in charge of bringing in their players and the coaches on the staff. Fisher has an old school philosophy when it comes to football and it just doesn’t win in this day and age. Defenses are faster and have more tools at their disposal to scout and plan for you. Maybe just maybe if they would have a made an effort to bring some WR talent via the draft, they could have got themselves a QB. Who the heck what’s to throw to a fast midget and 2 hands of stones receivers? Poor drafting and bad coaching hires fall on who? Fish and Les that’s who!

  4. fisher40

    The Rams have drafted good, just look at the defense. The problem I think is the position coaches on the offense. If they had an above average QB the past 5 years the WR’s would be good and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Look at Favre, as a packers fan he had WR’s drafted anywhere between the 2nd and 5th round while he was there and he made them better than they were

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