Bears Still Plan To Move On From Jay Cutler

After losing Brian Hoyer to a broken arm last night, the Bearss are likely to turn things back over to Jay Cutler at some point this season. It’s not a huge surprise, but one source tells Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link) that the team still intends to move on from Cutler after the year is over. Jay Cutler (vertical)

Cutler was forced out of action (or, removed himself from action) earlier this year when he suffered a sprained thumb. It sounds like Cutler may have been able to return to the lineup earlier this month, but John Fox & Co. opted to continue with Hoyer. Last night, when Hoyer was taken out of the game, Matt Barkley took the field for the first time in his NFL career.

In 2009, the Bears shipped two first-rounders, a third-rounder, and Kyle Orton to Denver to acquire Cutler. Years later, the Bears are preparing to divorce themselves from their one-time face of the franchise. In Cutler’s 99 regular-season starts for Chicago, the team has hovered around .500 (50-49), including a woeful 3-14 record at home since 2014. In total, Cutler has completed 61.9 percent of passes and thrown 151 touchdowns against 106 interceptions.

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10 comments on “Bears Still Plan To Move On From Jay Cutler

  1. Didn’t Barkley play in a few games for the Eagles?

    • 0213963

      I believe he played against Dallas after Foles got hurt 2 years ago.

    • Strych9

      Yesterday was first time in 710 days that Barkley threw a pass in a game.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      No he couldn’t make the team. Wait, we are talking about the Boston College Golden Eagles, right?

    • Rowdy

      Barkley played in Philadelphia…
      The idiots that write this act like Chicago is QB heaven…. Its actually QB HEeLL! #stayhealthyJAY #fireFOXYloggains

  2. phillytola

    I’m an eagle fan and Barkley was horrible in 4 games, 4 games too many..

  3. raul.p2

    typo on “bearss”

    • Chief Panic

      The extra “s” is for sustained success.

      Something we’ve never known.

  4. Mad Bear

    Where is David Fales when you need him? SOB!

  5. Bears better be on the phone to contact QB Matt Blandchard who they released for QB B.Hoyer.A move that was OC desicion..

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