West Notes: Kaepernick, Cardinals, Raiders

Thursday will mark a pivotal moment in Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the NFL, as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports writes. Arbitrator Stephen Burbank will meet with lawyers representing the NFL and the former 49ers quarterback to determine whether his case moves forward. If Burbank sides with Kaepernick, a hearing will take place and the QB’s team could press for even more discovery or depositions in an effort to prove its case.

Even if Kaepernick loses in this round, his legal team could still believe it has the necessary evidence to take President Donald Trump to federal court. That’s seen as a last-ditch effort for Kaep, so a victory on Thursday could lessen the chances of that battle taking place.

Here’s more from the West divisions:

  • Cardinals wide receiver Greg Little has a really good chance to make the roster, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter) hears. Little, 29, has not seen the field since the 2014 season, but his route-running ability has impressed coaches thus far in camp. Little showed promise during his tenure with the Browns, including a 2011 rookie season in which he hauled in 61 receptions for 709 yards and two scores. Now that he’s healthy, Little believes that he can get back to his old form.
  • Raiders coach Jon Gruden has been critical of Martavis Bryant this offseason, but he impressed this week and had a particularly strong showing on Wednesday, as Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal writes. “Today was probably his best day,” wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett said. “Obviously, he got more reps today because of his overall preparation. Again, he’s putting the time in and the work in, and then he’ll benefit like he’s doing right now. That’s the starting point. It always starts with the preparation. … He just needs now to be consistent and keep stacking success. “He had a good day today. Now we need to stack tomorrow and keep building on it, keep building on it.Regardless of Bryant’s performance or his understanding of the playbook, it would be a shocker if Bryant did not make the final cut.
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21 comments on “West Notes: Kaepernick, Cardinals, Raiders

  1. wrigleyhawkeye

    How could they bring Trump to court? What grounds? I’m no Trump fan by any means, but I don’t follow this.

    • sportsfan101

      Bc of his statements towards players kneeling etc they think it’s collusion and trump has a say in kap not being signed

      • jkbuckets

        I don’t see how a president who’s job isn’t related to sports in anyway can prevent a player from finding a job. Can someone explain it to me bc I’m not following sportsfan101

        • Because everyone knows Trumps stance on kneeling and Kap’s theory is that nobody wants him because he “started the movement”. Since Trump has been linked to calling owners I guess Kap’s team feels that they could have colluded against him and that Trump told them he does not want to see him touch the field. Obviously nobody knows what’s really going on, unless Kap has some evidence that we don’t know about.

          • wrigleyhawkeye

            So if Big Bird and Cookie Monster called some owners and told them they’d eat all their cookies if they sign Kaepernick then that would constitute collusion and Kaepernick could go and sue Sesame Street?

  2. I agree with badco44…..I just think it’s a way for his lawyers to wipe him clean and he will soon be a ex NFL player who is flat broke.

  3. WildeThing

    Here’s the facts: Kneeling is a violation of an executive order. Executive orders are created by the president. Altered by the president without consent of leg. Kap has no case because as the executive order stands regardless of what his position is, the definition is treason against the country. He has every right to use freedom of speech any way he wanted but there is an executive order that classifies his freedom of speech as an illegal action. The NFL must stand at the flag because it lost the argument against the executive order in mediation or they not only can be fined and arrested, but they will be. Like it or not, an executive order supersedes other laws. It wasn’t created by Trump. It’s only managed by the executive branch along with over 200 other executive orders. Kap wants his attorneys to go after Trump because they think something will happen. Nothing will. Bottom line: an executive order is an executive order and you follow it as a civilian. At anytime the prez can change the words and he did which is why his attorneys think they have a case. No court has an authority over an executive order, they can make s recommendation but no ruling can be made to alter it. Kap is a waste of time, our time, your time, this countries time. I believe in his reasons, but not in his methods. Violations of laws are exactly that. Find another way to do it.

    • Kap does good things. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m pretty sure he is well known enough to get his point across any other time when it is not game time.

  4. sithdude

    Good things? Disrespecting our military and veterans is good? Falsely hiding behind so called “social injustice” when it puts targets on our men in blue is good? Doesn’t come out against real injustice like last weekend in Chicago (yet again) 12 people killed and 60 injured in shootings….crickets. He’s not employed because he’s a cancer to the league. No collusion, no team wants to deal with the drama. He chose to disrespect the flag and all it stands for and like the snowflake he is he does not understand actions have consequences especially when you spit in the face of our nations heroes and that he is not “entitled” to a job.

    • seattleite

      Shitdude is hilarious. You’re still sticking to this nonsense? Everyone with a sense of the issue and a half functioning brain knows by now that it’s not about the military or even the flag.

    • Everything you listed has an effect on himself. Not others. What about the over $1,000,000 in donations from an unemployed man? Sending food and water to Somalia? 100 custom made suits for 100 men in NYC? I don’t like what he is doing regarding football. I think he is bitter. But you can’t ignore the guys off the field humanitarianism.

    • marijuasher

      Apparently you think repeating the same thing everytime is going to change the reality that kneeling during the NA has nothing to do with disrespecting the military. It clearly upsets you, but you, SithDude, are not quite The Military.

      I realize this is a blow to your ego, Chum. Take care.

    • ant49erz

      To all of those who think keap is disrespecting the flag wake up and see what he is talking about ,the president is keeping throwing this oh he’s disrepecting our flag no people he’s not he’s saying about the injustice that people of color are goin trough ????? Stop and listen what he has to say before bandwagon riding

  5. Pitches Love Velocity

    Theres no collusion against kaepernick.

    Team owners talking about not signing kaepernick isnt collusion. Collusion would have to show theres a mandate and no one is allowed to break it. Discussing not signing a free agent isnt collusion as much as kaepernick would like to believe.

    Tim Tebow- Chris Kluwe- Brendon ayenbadeyo all received the same treatment as kaepernick cause of their out spokenness on topics.

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