AFC North Notes: Taylor, Bengals, Ravens, Steelers

When questioned regarding the report of Cordy Glenn‘s eventual suspension, Zac Taylor stated that the tackle is “dealing with an internal discipline issue” and he would not be commenting about it further, relays ESPN’s Ben Baby. This coincides with the Bengals and their official statement regarding Glenn the following day. Taylor was also questioned regarding much maligned offensive line coach Jim Turner, and denied that there was any sort of rift between the players and Turner, despite the speculation that the argument between Glenn and and unnamed coach was indeed Turner. Taylor would go on to show his support for Turner, stating that he supports the way Turner has handled the Glenn situation, relays The Athletic‘s Paul Denher Jr. Turner is no stranger to controversy, as he was Miami’s offensive line coach during the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying scandal, and was eventually fired in 2014 after an independent report indicated he participated in harassment of players. He was also suspended by Texas A&M in 2016 after using sexually-charged presentation slides during a women’s football clinic. The 0-6 Bengals take on the Jaguars this Sunday.

Here are some more developments out of the AFC North:

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4 comments on “AFC North Notes: Taylor, Bengals, Ravens, Steelers

  1. letmeclearmythroat74

    The Bengals offensive line has got to be one of the worst in the history of football. You take Mixon and drop in behind San Francisco’s line and he’d be leading the league in rushing. What a waste of talent , it starts in the trenches.

    • kylewait89

      Would he? He’s had one good game because it was against a poor run defense.

  2. steelerbravenation

    The Steelers will have a 1st and hopefully a 2nd in this years draft once Tomlin heads to DC

  3. fieldsj2

    The Torture of Being a Lifelong Bengals fan. Being born and raised in Cincy, I will never change my allegiance. You actually have people in Cincinnati that believe things will change when Mike Brown passes. The truth is they were just as cheap and dysfunctional when Paul Brown ran the show. It’s how the whole family operates. His daughter and her husband run the team now. The difference of course was Paul Brown actually knew football. They refuse to spend significant money on scouting, which is why they miss on so many picks. Marvin Lewis was the only reason they were relevant in his 7 playoff appearances. Before Lewis the Bengals actually flew out on Saturdays for West Coast games so they didn’t have to pay for an extra night in a hotel. They also would not spend for a hotel on the night before home games which all or most teams do(not sure if this still is the case). Lewis actually refused an extension until Brown changed the the West Coast issue. Another fun fact, when the Bengals drafted Ki-Jana Carter in 1992 he bought hand towels for the players because the Bengals didn’t supply them. They also would clean eveyones jockstraps together and leave them in a bin for the players to pick through. One of the more famous stories is when they brought in 350lb. DL Tony Siragusa in for a free agent visit and bought him a ticket in coach. In the late 90s my father was a phone man in Cincinnati and was fixing some issues they were having at their former practice facility. The charge was somewhere around $200. It would have been free, but Mike Brown told my dad $20 a month was too expensive for a service contract. Can you imagine any other NFL owner being involved with the utilities in their facility? I was only going to comment on things not changing till the Brown family was gone, but the ridiculousness of the Bengals got the best of me. I’m speaking for all Cincinnati fans, Brown family please sell this team. Take your 2 billion dollars (according to Forbes) and live an extremely pampered life.

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