Eagles Looking To Extend Core Players

Before the 2019 season ends, the Eagles are going to make a strong push to secure several core players, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. After inking key offensive lineman Brandon Brooks to a four-year extension on Monday, the Eagles are also in discussions to extend the contracts of tight end Zach Ertz, tackle Lane Johnson, and safety Malcolm Jenkins, league sources tell La Canfora.

All players have formed a stout and very effective core for Philadelphia, and Ertz and Johnson have been critical to the success of quarterback Carson Wentz, along with being a big part of their surprising Super Bowl LII win.

Ertz, 29, signed his last contract extension in January of 2015, one of several players to do so with the team prior to the end of that season, and has emerged as one of the best tight ends in the NFL. He has also been a vital weapon for Wentz, particularly this season due to the injuries to their receivers. Ertz set a new single-season record for tight end receptions just last year and is currently under contract until 2021. 

Johnson, 29, is considered by some to be the best right tackle in football. He is powerful, athletic, and a critical player for the franchise. He has the ability to play left tackle if needed as well and is dominant in pass protection and run blocking. Signed until 2021, there is still some risk associated with signing Johnson, however, as he will be suspended for 32 games if he fails another PED test. Johnson failed his second, most recent PED test back in 2016, and was suspended for 10 games.

The soon to be 32-year-old Jenkins has emerged as a leader on the defense and is a proven play maker. The Eagles would undoubtedly like to keep him, however his age may play a role if the Eagles ultimately decide to not extend him. The three-time Pro Bowler has made his desire for an extension well-known, as he said point blank that he feels like he has “outplayed” his contact back in June. In a down year, Jenkins has 39 tackles, without an interception, and is currently signed through 2020.

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6 comments on “Eagles Looking To Extend Core Players

  1. Polish Hammer

    Extending Ertz is great, but what about Goddert? Too good to stay a #2 long term, he’s got a lot of trade value, so they gotta flip him to fill a need elsewhere.

    • koldjerky

      They seem to be using both of them. I don’t disagree with trading Ertz but maybe getting a reliable burner at WR along with a solid WR (maybe JJ becomes that), running these two TEs would be perfect.

      • Polish Hammer

        Yes nice tandem, but you can’t tie up the money they’ll both get at one position. Keep Ertz and move Goedert for the right return and he can be a stud anywhere.

  2. Brown Trout Fisherman

    Johnson speaks his mind and is a white guy, so yes that makes him a douche.

  3. Brad

    Goedert and Ertz stay. Lane and Malcolm maybe a year by year extension. Malcolm is getting old and we can’t keep tying up money in aging players when we need at least one starting corner. Everyone will get excited because they played good yesterday. Eagles always match up good against the Pats offense because they don’t have a big fast receiver that can pull a good double move. They can run slants all day until they get inside the red zone. And don’t tell me Edelman is a threat. He’s a slot receiver getting double digit targets every game. Pats offense needs a solid red zone/deep ball threat. Maybe Harry will be that guy.

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