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According to numerous executives and agents who will be involved in the upcoming coaching searches, Jason La Canfora notes that recently fired Panthers head coach Ron Rivera will have a robust market of suitors in 2020, and could be in position to choose between several options for next season.

Despite this, however, sources who know Rivera tell La Canfora that the two positions that would most closely appeal to Rivera on a personal level would be the Chargers, with a chance to return to his Southern California roots, or the Bears, where he played and coached, may not be available. While those teams have sputtered badly at times this season, it’s nowhere close to certain either of those jobs will be opening up any time soon. Coming in to today, the Chargers are 4-8 and are in last place in the AFC West, while the Bears are 7-6 in a competitive NFC North that has them in third place.

La Canfora notes that Rivera also has strong ties to Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and some members of that staff, and if the Giants make a coaching change it is expected they will pursue candidates who have a proven history of winning as a head coach. The Falcons, with an aging but talented core, may prize experience as well, with owner Arthur Blank not inclined or positioned to do a rebuild, and with Blank’s recent hires coming with no previous head coaching experience. According to La Canfora, some NFL executives believe Rivera would be a fit with the Cowboys as well, although it remains to be seen if Rivera would be able to mesh with owner Jerry Jones, who is known to be heavily involved with personnel and other decisions.

Rivera has made it clear by his recent comments that he plans to continue coaching, and is excited to start a new chapter in his life. Although the destination is currently unknown, it is clear that Rivera will be coaching somewhere next season. In eight-plus seasons, Rivera coached the Panthers to a 76-63-1 regular season record, a 3-4 playoff record, along with a Super Bowl Appearance.

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36 comments on “Latest On Ron Rivera

      • Michael Chaney

        He’s not settling for a defensive coordinator job when he’ll very easily get a head coaching job.

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Falcons have won 9 of the past 10 meetings against the Panthers so they probably owe Ron at least a job interview.

        • captainchaos55

          Bengals will give Taylor as long as they gave Lewis. I may not live to see another Bengal coach. Your absolutely right as he is not only the worst owner in football, he’s the worst owner in professional sports.

          Sincerely, always disappointed, rarely happy, always settling for mediocre football, Bengals fan.

            • captainchaos55

              Not sure where that was directed. I’ve already pretty much said our team sucks. If that was directed at the city itself. It’s a great city to live in. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Newton would take one look at the Bengals current OL and run the other direction. Cincy just made a HC hire so they won’t pursue Ron.

    • mitchrapp

      The owners in Clev will hire one of the beer vendors who was really good at madden on PlayStation and think they did good.

    • ohiodevil

      Mike McCarthy would be the first choice in Cleveland based on his past relationships in the Browns front office….that’s if they are smart and move on from Kitchens.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    If the rumors are true that Patricia’s job in Detroit is in jeopardy, then I’d like to see Ron coach there for a few years before making a return to the Bears.

    • Steven Juris

      Detroit is the worst organization in pro sports. Hasn’t been relevant in 60 years.

  3. vtncsc

    Why will teams bend over for RR? It’s not like he came from a non-talent team. He hasn’t delivered results the last few years.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s not always about wins or losses. Ron started as a player and came up through the ranks so he has varied perspectives and lots of experience to draw on. Equally important is that he works well with others and knows how to handle the media in a way that won’t embarrass the organization he works for.

      • vtncsc

        Would you consider his time in Carolina successful? He’s not exactly over .500 by a wide margin. I’m sure he’ll get a job, but as someone living in the Carolina’s, his media ability is about the only good thing going for him.

        His defense has been pretty paltry that last year or two.

        I just don’t see the love affair

        • crosseyedlemon

          As I said, it’s not always about the W/L record. Look at Belichick’s record in Cleveland. I think that Ron was able to work with a player as temperamental as Newton is another strong selling point for him.

    • Perksy

      Because he has a career winning record in 9 seasons. That is rare for a coach like that to be available still in his coaching prime.

  4. playicy

    Rivera maybe join the brown! With a one and done coach, because him wilks are best of friends

  5. Dorothy_Mantooth

    He’ll have his pick of jobs next year.

    1) Jacksonville
    2) NY Giants
    3) Redskins
    4) Cowboys??? (If Meyer & Riley turn Jerry down)

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