Patriots Suspend Videographer

According to league sources, the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have suspended the videographer who filmed the Bengals sideline in Cleveland last week. The producer/videographer, Dave Mondillo, is a longtime full-time employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment. He was suspended last week.

The NFL rules prevent teams from filming opponents’ sidelines during games. Mondillo was caught doing so during the first quarter of the Bengals-Browns game last Sunday, a week before the Patriots played the Bengals.

The Patriots acknowledged breaking the rules, but claimed the independent film crew was unaware its actions violated league policy, which is very difficult to believe based on their past indiscretions. The suspension of their videographer is most likely only the beginning in a series of ramifications resulting from the video.

 “The production crew is independent of our football operation. While aware that one of the scouts was being profiled for a ‘Do Your Job’ episode, our football staff had no other involvement whatsoever in the planning, filming or creative decisions made during the production of these features,” the team said in a statement.
As stated earlier today, the Patriots will undoubtedly face discipline in relation to the newest scandal out of Foxborough, especially after portions of the video were leaked by Jay Glazer earlier this morning that contains extended footage of the Bengals’ sideline.
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39 comments on “Patriots Suspend Videographer

    • Ironman_4life

      As a chiefs fan and Patriots hater i think this is stupid. Who gives a crap if someones filming. Its called reviewing film for a reason.

      • madmanTX

        I think you’re stupid. There are rules preventing filming and the Patriots were well aware of it. That they have to cheat to beat the Bengals is pathetic.

        • Carson

          Just as stupid as your comment. Have you even watched the video? It’s nothing just like what’s in your head

        • Ironman_4life

          I think your a punk little e bully who hates on everyone. Stfu And quit replying to my comments

          • emac22

            Why don’t you keep your comments to yourself if you can’t handle reading the replies.

            Maybe your mom will sit with you for some additional courage.

      • emac22

        It’s called against the rules for a reason and they were already busted for the same thing.

        Why are some people simply unable to figure out the law no matter how often they’re told how it works?

    • madmanTX

      “the call was perfect” then becomes “so, I did it, but there’s nothing wrong with it!”

    • emac22

      The only drama is the squealing patriots fans lining up with excuses to hopefully save a draft pick.

  1. twinsfan368

    Let’s go anyone who likes the patriots can go suck one screw off Belichick

  2. pasha2k

    Just check the game, they don’t need anything to beat most teams.<Transplanted New England fan.

    • Not ‘needing to’ doesn’t negate actual, physical evidence. What an absurd take.

      ‘The killer’s fingerprints and DNA are all over the victim’s body, and he has the murder weapon in his possession. But by God, he didn’t *need* to commit the murder, so it’s clear he did not commit it.’

      See how dumb that sounds? The Patriots broke the rules and it’s on video. There’s evidence and it’s clear as day. Whether or not they ‘needed to’ is insanely irrelevant.

      • pasha2k

        Talk about dumb….read your post, apples to oranges ! Also if the NFL had a case of cheating they would’ve slammed the Pats, but they haven’t cuz the drama is dumb.

      • kevin

        I agree they cheated they didn’t need to to beat em but they did plan and simple. it’s sad . and to use the the filmed didn’t know is bs it’s the pats job to inform and it not like it’s some Joe from az doing it the gut is employed by the owner but yet he didn’t know anything prior like no briefing nothing lol bs it’s on the pats and the hammer should come done for repeated cheating

    • K3vin

      If they don’t need anything to beat other teams , then why do they have to repeatedly break the rules?

    • emac22

      They obviously cheated since the pats haven’t been very good lately and suddenly look unbeatable when they cheat.

      • Connorsoxfan

        You think the Bengals didn’t change their signals if this was a serious concern? LOL!

  3. Misterants

    “Suspended videographer decides to call it a career after deposting totally unrelated $20mil check today”

  4. tommygun1971

    Well someone had to take the fall… and yet again the Patriots franchise gets another slap on the wrist…

  5. jorge78

    They threw Dave under the bus.
    I guess their won’t be a happy ending for everyone!

  6. crosseyedlemon

    In the age of cyber technology no rules or laws are going to protect you from information gathering, data mining or other forms of spying. If you can’t accept that then maybe you should hide in a cave. Big brother is watching!

  7. aircarter777

    Cheating is cheating. No different than our LIAR president. Punishment should be severe for both especially do to past transgressions.

  8. emac22

    What is this independant film crew crap?

    The teams owner owns the film crew and the fact that he doesn’t give benefits to an 18 year “employee” means Kraft is a cheapskate. Not that there isn’t a connection.

  9. Wade Herbers

    If he’s completely independent from the Patriots how can they ” suspend ” him??

    Dave will prolly get lifetime supply of massages down in FL from Krafts favorite parlor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • juanpursuit

      I think that it wasn’t the Patriots that suspended him but rather his employer, KSE

  10. greg7274

    Dont worry about this guy…
    Hes already landed a nice gig, filming a couple of independent documentaries.
    …”A Day in the Life of a Film Producer Attending a Bills-Steelers Game”. He’ll finish that tonight and begin on
    …”A Day in the Life of a Film Producer Attending a Bengals-Dolphins Game”.
    When life closes a door, it truly does open a window.

  11. david722

    Why is it always the Patriots that come up whenever cheating issues are involved? Other teams with a winning history never seem to be called into question.

  12. kpak

    Suspended the wrong guy again.. who Is the manager between Bill and the Krafts? Adjust fire Goodell !!

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