Edelman Played With Torn Rib Cartilage

Patriots veteran wide receiver Julian Edelman played most of the season with partially torn rib cartilage, league sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Edelman suffered a rib injury on September 22 in a 30-14 win against the Jets and went to the locker room before halftime of that Week 3 game, grabbing his right rib area.

Tests revealed the torn rib cartilage, an injury that would sideline many players, especially playing a position such as wide receiver, for an extended period of time. But somehow, Edelman managed the injury through practice and on game days, and did not miss any time during the 2019 season. 

Along with the rib injury, Edelman also played with a separated AC joint in his left shoulder and was dealing with an injury to his left knee, according to the Boston Herald. Edelman will undergo surgery to repair his left shoulder and will have a left knee scope to help remove a loose body at some point this offseason.

Edelman, 33, struggled with some dropped passes at times this year, but despite the pain he played through, he remained a reliable target for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

From a statistical standpoint, the three-time Super Bowl winner had one of the best seasons of his career, as he made 100 receptions for a career-best 1,117 yards and six touchdowns. The Patriots’ next-leading wide receiver, Phillip Dorsett, had just 29 catches for 397 yards with five touchdowns.

Injuries aside, as previously reported this morning, Edelman was arrested Saturday night and was cited for misdemeanor vandalism for allegedly jumping on the hood of a car in Beverly Hills, California, according to police. Edelman is under contract with the Patriots until 2021.

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30 comments on “Edelman Played With Torn Rib Cartilage

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Spoken like someone who’s never had a rib injury. It hurts when you breathe let alone do anything exerting.

      • dandan

        Willing to bet you’ve never had any sort of rib injury with that sort of statement lol

    • mbraun9

      Climbing up int a car or getting hit by Defensive players….what would hurt more? ‍♂️

  1. JJB0811

    Another example of player safety being paramount to both the league & union!

  2. kevin

    funny how a story bout him drunk and jumping on cars gets pretty quickly followed bout how he played thu an injury this season . kinda seems a bit weird to say the least kinda like trying to turn the camera to point em in a better light .

    not saying it is it just seems like it might be with the timing .

  3. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    PED user. Don’t really care whatever excuse he has for his drunken antics and inability to catch a ball in crunchtime.

      • Literally every player in the league who has never tested positive for PEDs should be considered ‘100% free of PEDs’ until proven otherwise. So, let’s just say Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald. Does that answer your asinine question?

        smh you Pats fans are ridiculous.

  4. TJECK109

    Really should be titled “Edelman jumped on hood of car with torn rib cartilage”

  5. kpak

    So what, jumped on a car hood, no crack involved, didn’t beat a woman, drag a female across a hotel lobby, hit kids with a switch,
    Who cares,

    • Polish Hammer

      Exactly! Misdemeanor charge and he has enough money to pay for the damage. I’m sure there’s people here that have felt like jumping on some @$$holes hood and smashing it. And no, I’m no Patriots fan.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Edelman also managed to sign a contract extension with a paper cut to his finger. There should be some kind of medal for such heroes.

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