2020 NFL Opt Out Tracker

Per an agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA, players with COVID-19 health concerns can opt out of the 2020 season. Initially, the deadline was believed to be Tuesday, August 4. Recently, we learned that the deadline is set for seven days after the final execution of the agreement. The lawyers are still hashing out some paperwork matters, so the NFL is looking to push up the date.

Chiefs guard and medical school graduate Laurent Duvernay-Tardif was the first player to officially opt out. This week, scores of players followed.

Here’s the rundown, so far:

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills

Carolina Panthers

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Rams

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles

Seattle Seahawks

Tennessee Titans

  • OL Anthony McKinney

Washington Football Team

Free agents

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56 comments on “2020 NFL Opt Out Tracker

      • mitchrapp

        Because most linemen are fat and the “experts” say the Chinese virus is worse for fat people.

      • Altoidman

        Because they are in the trenches, they come closest to other players faces, and they’ll be breathing on each other constantly.

    • thatt12

      Why? It’s not a fricken death sentence ; I had it for 2 days nothing worse then the flu and these athletes can get past it, bunch of crybabies

      • yam


        • twentyforty

          People die from all sorts of things, including viruses, annually. Next scream about nosocomial infections.

        • atlas bunts

          Rudy Gobert put up a double/double 3 days ago.
          He was “athlete 1”.

          Last time: human, under 50, not Obese, no prior lung issues——common cold is worse to this group

          GET A GRIP

          USE DuckDuckGo or Bing 4 information

          My God, the AMT of stupidity is astonishing

      • cubfanforever

        Tell that to the families of the 150,000 dead.
        Everyone affected differently.

        • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

          Sucks that people died.

          But 90%+ that have died come from 55+. You take out the 55-64 age range (roughly 11%) you still get about 80%+ deaths for the 65+ age group

          We’ve known who’s most vulnerable since june.

          Yet, precautions to actually help those most vulnerable have not been taken. Nor has any state actually done anything to help those most vulnerable.

          In fact, the opposite was done when governors forced covid patients into nursing homes and not enough precautions were taken to stop the elderly and workers from sharing corona. so many issues have come fr nursing homes which is why 42% of deaths come from JUST nursing homes.

        • ekrog

          Only a fraction of those died from COVID. Most died with COVID from something else. Look at the WI DOH data that revealed this dirty secret.

          This is just like the flu, but much safer for kids.

          • GeauxRangers

            Yeah it’s called comorbitities. And America has a ton of obesity and heart disease which any added strain on the body AKA COVID can push their health over the edge to a dangerous point. So wear your mask to keep those people from getting sick.

          • jellbuc

            Just checking, but if I die from heart disease aggravated by Covid, you don’t think that was due to Covid? I could have lived another 20 years with heart disease but I died in a week cause of Covid. In your logic that means I only died from heart disease?

          • jellbuc

            Also in case you dont know AIDS also doesn’t kill you. You die from the opportunistic disease that attacks when your immune system is compromised.

            Do you think AIDS is safe as well?

      • gleybertorres25

        Just because you weren’t affected by it doesn’t mean nobody will be

      • manos

        That’s like saying “I had cancer and I beat it, bunch of babies”. Not everyone does. Good for you. I personally know 4 people who have contracted it and 1 of them died. Your life experience is not mine or anyone else’s. There’s no space here for narrow minded people like you.

        • twentyforty

          Wrong. Just because it’s personal to you doesn’t mean it is to 340 million. Face it, life isn’t fair but we’re all just numbers no matter how you want to make it into a personal issue….which is merely fear mongering.

      • John Egan

        Yeah, I had it 5 weeks; was questioning about half-way in whether this was it or not… lucky you… not everyone has it as easy as you…

    • illowa

      Players already new it was gonna be a down year anyway without their old qb, so take the season off to let some the other guys get experience. But then again they’ll be older and some wont get their jobs back.

      • cjfarley21

        Shouldn’t count since the contract rolls over to 2021. Wonder what changes they make if any to caps

    • Tony B

      They get the salary portion back less the $150k. That gives them money to sign a replacement. Chiefs signed Osemele within a day to replace LDT.

  1. bigeasye

    Big Easy E- opting out of playing for the season. I haven’t played since middle school but I’m opting out. I’m still going to watch though. Since I’m a free agent PFTR doesn’t need to put me on a specific team. Maybe like Larry Wofford?

  2. yam

    I wonder if players like Michael Pierce who signed with a new than opted out will get an extra year added to their contract.

  3. Dtownwarrior78

    Love how someone can sit around on their backside and criticize these guys for opting out. One player is a diabetic, another has newborn twins. Their families and their health is more important than playing a game chief. And some of the older coaches need to think about their own health risks. Some of the coaches you see on some of these sidelines are pretty big and out of shape. Can’t be good to be at risk of Corona and be one of them. Can’t wait till 2020 is over, this year has SUCKED!

    • wagner13

      Amen. I wish others would mind their own business and not be so judgmental. How’d you like some no-name excoriating you on the basis of your personal decisions?

  4. HailRodgers12$

    Did the Patriots find a new way to tank for the #1 pick next year?

  5. bigeasye

    Can we suspend the tracker until and all-pro or pro bowler decides to opt out?

  6. case7187

    So far the list isn’t a loss for most teams but the pats by far the biggest loser but I do think they can easily fill those spots Hightower might be the biggest blow

    • case7187

      So I asked this on a different post that if a player opts out what does it do the answer is the pats now have 24.7m in cap space now so now they could go after one of the big DE that are still free agents

      • Hawktattoo

        Patspulpit.com does a great article on explaining out it works in Patriots case.

  7. Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

    Can you add dates next to their names when they decided to opt out and when you add a new name to the list?

    It’s great to have it in one place but as the list grows it’s hard to distinguish who’s new to the list.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    What’s Goodell’s game plan if NFL game officials decide they would like to opt out?

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