This Date In Transactions History: Cowboys Release Tony Romo

Four years ago today, the Cowboys released longtime quarterback Tony Romo. At least, that’s how the official record reads. Romo — who had ceded the starting job to rookie Dak Prescott in 2016 — retired in order to begin his broadcasting career. 

We wish Tony and his family nothing but the best,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “As an organization, we did what he asked us to do in terms of his release, and we wanted to do what was ultimately in his best interest and in the best interest of his family. Tony has been a wonderful representative of the Cowboys organization for 14 years, and he left everything he had on the field. He will leave us with many great memories and a legacy of being, truly, one of the greatest players in Cowboys history. We are thrilled for him and his family that he will be able to continue working as a professional in the game he so dearly loves. He is a young man who is just getting started on a long journey in life. All the best my friend.”

Romo, who was on the verge of his 37th birthday, took over for Phil Simms at CBS. His health, he said, wouldn’t allow him to continue playing football. Still, even with his surgically-repaired back, the nature of his retirement led to lots of speculation. After the Cowboys granted his release, Romo was now free to sign with any team. At one point, he considered joining up with the Jets, but ultimately declined. Over the summer, Romo continued to leave the door open ever so slightly, saying that he wouldn’t rule out returning to the Cowboys in an emergency situation. That emergency call never came in though, and Romo has been in the booth ever since.

In effect, this all played out as a standard retirement. Romo didn’t leave the game exactly the way he wanted to, but he did complete a league-high 69.9% of his passes in 2014, his last full season. All in all, Romo collected four Pro Bowl nods over the course of his career in Dallas while earning upwards of $127MM in NFL earnings alone.


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18 comments on “This Date In Transactions History: Cowboys Release Tony Romo

  1. arty!

    I never thought much of Romo as a QB. I know I’ll hear arguments that he had to carry the team, bad players everywhere, et al. He was one of those guys who could beat bad teams, but always struggled against good ones. Hence not much of a playoff record.

    I do enjoy his commentary, very good at it.

    • JOHNSmith2778

      Isn’t that what a good qb does? Beats bad teams and plays tough against good teams? He only had 1 season with a losing record.

      • arty!

        He played a total of 6 playoff games over a 14 year career? How is that considered good?

        • cubs2016

          So because Marino never won a super bowl he’s not good either right? Your logic is flawed to say the least.

          • arty!

            I never said that. I always love when people write what they think I said rather than just reading the comment.

            Dan played in 18 playoff games including a SB. But hey, keep pounding your chest about the greatness of Romo.

          • dugdog83

            Tony Romo is tied with Peyton Manning for 10th all time CAREER passing completion percentage. 65.3%

            Saying he was overrated is wrong.

            • arty!

              That could be true, but he didn’t win much. 6 playoff games in 14 years? Sorry, but that’s not strong.

            • jfive

              Completion percentage is your defense that Romo wasnt overrated?
              Isnt Mitch Trubiskey also around 65%?

              • Ak185

                Who are you arguing with, exactly? Romo was a very good quarterback. You didn’t like him. I really don’t see anyone saying that he was the best of his era or the best in franchise history or anything along those lines. As a starter, he delivered good offense on some otherwise mediocre teams. That’s all you can ask from your quarterback. The rest of the equation is up to you as a team to deliver.

                With Romo, you never had to worry about quality quarterback play. That’s all you can ask for as a GM or coach. Nobody is giving him a gold jacket, so y’all can put away your torches.

                • arty!

                  He might get a jacket for commentating. I like his style & so do many others, look at that contract!

  2. DarkSide830

    I’ll apologize in advance for any manic Philly fans who may try and dump on him.

  3. Miserable Cowboys Fan

    Biggest Mistake in Cowboys History…Cost Us a Playoff Run in 2016

  4. Miserable Cowboys Fan 2

    Biggest Mistake in Cowboys History….Cost Us a Playoff Run in 2016

  5. DonOsbourne

    I’m not a Cowboys fan, but Tony Romo was one of my all time favorite players to watch. I’m not saying he was an all time great or anything like that, I just liked his style. He was a graceful athlete and a riverboat gambler. Some rolls of the dice produced gut twisting turnovers that he will never live down with Cowboys fans, but in my opinion they never would have been in position to win those games without him. Just my two cents

  6. larrybrett3305

    An undrafted free agent that goes on to have a 14 year career with multiple ProBowls and franchise leader in most passing stats? I’d say he was underrated.

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