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NFL Practice Squad Updates: 11/13/19

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Redskins Name Dwayne Haskins Starter For Rest Of 2019

Interim Redskins coach Bill Callahan announced the Dwayne Haskins era will begin in full. The team named its first-round quarterback the starter for the rest of this season.

Haskins has made one start thus far and played in three games. He was the third Redskins quarterback summoned to action this season, following Case Keenum and Colt McCoy. But the two veterans will play behind the rookie going forward.

With the Redskins exiting their bye at 1-8, devoting some time to developing Haskins makes sense. The rookie has faced scrutiny early and has yet to throw his first touchdown pass. He’s completed 27 of 44 passes for 284 yards and four interceptions thus far. Haskins threw a Big Ten-record 50 touchdown passes in his lone season as the Buckeyes’ starter.

Washington still has Alex Smith under contract, but the 14-year veteran has undergone 17 surgeries over the past year to repair his severe leg injury. Smith is not a lock to resume his career, though he is interested in doing so. This led the Redskins to Haskins at No. 15 overall. And the plan is to give him this season’s final seven games to develop.

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Latest On Trent Williams, Redskins

The Trent Williams story continues to get more complex by the hour, and we’ve got another batch of updates ready for you. Yesterday the Redskins placed Williams on the NFI list, ending his 2019 season. Early this morning Williams blasted the team and said there was no hope of reconciliation, and then just a few hours ago we heard Washington had decided not to pay the left tackle any of his salary for 2019.

Williams spoke with Dan Graziano of earlier today, and said that he underwent three surgeries this offseason but felt “football-ready” by Week 2 (Twitter link). Williams again confirmed to Graziano that he wants to play next season, saying “It’s what I do. I want to continue my Pro Bowl streak. I want to win a Super Bowl. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to accomplish. I hate that I got derailed, but I’m blessed and I’m back. Looking for that helmet that can fit” (Twitter link).

When Williams ended his holdout and reported to the team, he said he couldn’t wear his helmet because of pain from the surgery to remove a cancerous growth on his head. Finally, Graziano tweeted that Williams didn’t sound too confident about winning a grievance to get some money back. Williams declined to say whether he’d be filing a grievance through the NFLPA but said “shoot, that’s their discretion. Non-football Illness, you know, it’s cancer, you can’t say it’s related to football. So I don’t know how much argument we have.”

However, Williams might have a case to make. He could argue that since Washington’s medical staff failed to advise him to remove the growth on his head earlier, they are at fault. And it’s possible the “failure to address the issue sooner makes the end result — Williams’ current inability to wear a helmet — a football injury and not a non-football injury,” writes Mike Florio of That being said, Florio writes that one source told him it will still be an “uphill battle” for Williams to get his current situation classified as a football injury.

Williams says team doctors repeatedly told him the growth on his head was just a harmless cyst over the years, which obviously turned out not to be true. That sounds like it could be grounds for a malpractice lawsuit, as Florio writes in a separate article. Florio also argues that it would “make sense for the team to offer to terminate his contract in exchange for a full and complete waiver and release of any and all claims,” since Williams has made it clear that he just wants to be released from his contract.

That could be the most sensible option for both sides, as Williams has made it clear he doesn’t want to go through a whole investigation, one that he says the Redskins would use to smear him. This saga is far from over, and it looks like things could get ugly as Washington has made it clear they don’t plan on budging anytime soon.

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Redskins Refuse To Pay Trent Williams

The Redskins have elected to not pay Trent Williams the remainder of his $5.1MM base salary for the 2019 season, league sources tell Field Yates and Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). Per league rules, teams have the right to not pay players who are on the non-football injury list and the Redskins are exercising that right. 

Williams was placed on NFI on Thursday. On Friday morning, he lashed out at the Redskins yet again and made it known that he does not intend to play for them ever again. The offensive tackle remains under contract through the 2020 season, but it’s hard to envision a reconciliation for the two sides.

The Redskins had the opportunity to move Williams before the late October trade deadline, but they held on to him instead. The Redskins may explore trades again in the offseason, but at that stage, they won’t have much in the way of leverage. Many have questioned the Redskins’ handling of the Williams’ situation on the whole, as well as their refusal to cut ties with him this year.

Williams, a seven-time Pro Bowler, has missed 13 games over the last three seasons due to various injuries. He graded out as the league’s best overall tackle in 2016, according to Pro Football Focus, and still managed to place No. 21 in a relatively down 2018.

Despite the health issues, including a recent cancer scare, Williams says he wants to continue playing football. Just not in D.C.

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Latest On Redskins’ Trent Williams

Left tackle Trent Williams says there is no hope for reconciliation between him and the Redskins. In an interview with Mike Jones of USA Today, the veteran accused the team of showing no real compassion for his medical situation or wellbeing. 

I feel like everything has run its course,” Williams said. “I mean, I do want to play football still and I’m not a free agent until after the 2020 season, so who knows. But the bridge has definitely been burned, and any efforts now, basically are, in my opinion, pretty much just CYA.”

According to Williams, this is nothing new, nor is it exclusive to just him.

Mine isn’t the only situation they got wrong. There are a lot of situations they could have looked into. Why didn’t they do it before now? Why didn’t they do it in Colt McCoy’s case? And they keep putting out these false reports. That’s never helpful. I just feel like regardless of what the findings of the investigation are, they’re going to try to find a way to paint me negatively and make themselves look better.”

Williams’ season is now over, after the Redskins placed him on the NFI list. He wants to resume playing, once he’s healthy, but not in Washington.

Despite his frustrations, Williams did confirm that he approached the Redskins about a contract extension before the start of the season. However, with two years remaining on his contract, he was rebuffed.

I knew I was coming up on a year with no guaranteed money, and I wanted to open the conversation about them making me a Redskin for the rest of my career,” Williams said. “I understand that either a team wants the player and will extend him, or they’ll send him somewhere so they can get some value for him. I told Bruce, ‘I understand that we’re in a rebuild and if you don’t want to dump any more money in the O-line, I’d like to go somewhere that I’m wanted.’ I still felt like I’ve got 5-6 more healthy years left of quality football.”

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Redskins Place Trent Williams On NFI List

The Redskins have placed offensive tackle Trent Williams on the non-football injury list, the club announced today. Now that he’s on NFI, Williams is out for the rest of the season.

Williams reported to Washington in late October following a season-long holdout, but he couldn’t pass his physical after reporting pain while wearing his helmet. The Redskins were reportedly attempting to find Williams a more comfortable helmet, but were apparently unable to do so.

Of course, Williams’ issues with his helmet involves a serious backstory. Williams underwent surgery during the offseason to remove a growth from his head that turned out to be cancerous. The 31-year-old first noticed the growth in 2013, but he says Redskins doctors told him the issue was not severe. However, he’s since been diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), a “soft tissue sarcoma that develops in the deep layers of the skin.”

Williams’ contract is not expected to toll as a result of his being placed on NFI, meaning he’ll be under contract for one more season at a base salary of $12.5MM. The Redskins failed to trade Williams in advance of last month’s deadline, but could reportedly consider moving him in a deal this offseason.

Players on the NFI list aren’t technically required to be paid by their clubs. If Washington opts not to pay Williams, the veteran tackle would likely file a grievance against the team, tweets Dan Graziano of, opening an entirely new battle between the Redskins and their offensive line stalwart.

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Redskins Activate RB Derruis Guice

The Redskins have formally activated running back Derrius Guice from injured reserve, the club announced today. The move had been fully expected after Washington waived fellow running back Craig Reynolds earlier this week in order to open a roster spot for Guice.

Injuries have defined the early portion of Guice’s NFL career after the Redskins selected him with the 49th overall selection in the 2018 draft. Expected to serve as Washington’s bellcow during his rookie campaign, Guice suffered a torn ACL in May, ending his year before it began. The LSU product made his Redskins debut in Week 1 of the 2019 season, but tore his meniscus and was subsequently placed on injured reserve.

Like all players designated to return from IR, Guice was required to miss at least eight games. He returned to practice in late October, opening a three-week window during which Washington needed to either add him to the 53-man roster or keep him on injured reserve for the rest of the season. Guice will officially return to action when the Redskins return from their bye to play the Jets in Week 11.

With Guice sidelined, veteran Adrian Peterson has taken over as Washington’s starting running back, averaging 19 carries for 96 yards over the club’s last four games. Guice will surely take over some of that workload, but it’s unclear just how involved he’ll be in the Redskins offense, at least initially.

NFLPA Won’t Pursue Trent Williams Review

The Redskins recently requested a joint review of left tackle Trent Williams‘ medical records, but that won’t be happening. At Williams’ request, the NFLPA will not cooperate with an investigation into Williams’ health, as players union chief DeMaurice Smith told Junks Radio (Twitter link via Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan).

“Our union will continue to support Trent,” Smith said in a statement. “Although he has asked us to not pursue a formal review of his treatment, we will consider all legal action if the affirmative disinformation campaign and the leaking of his private medical records does not stop. Doctors have an ethical obligation to treat our men as patients first regardless of where their check comes from. It is our job to ensure that they honor that duty and if we find that the have not, we must then hold the physician accountable to the CB and their medical licensing authority.”

Williams first noticed the growth in 2013, but he says Redskins doctors told him the issue was not severe. However, he’s since been diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), a “soft tissue sarcoma that develops in the deep layers of the skin.” This offseason, the Redskins sent Williams to a hospital where the condition was finally recognized, and he had an operation during the winter to remove the growth.

As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk notes, Williams doesn’t have much of an incentive to agree to a joint review of his medical records. Even if the Redskins were found to be at fault, Washington would likely be only be fined for its actions. Additionally, once Williams’ medical information is disclosed, there is a chance his records could be leaked.

Williams, of course, recently reported to the Redskins after sitting out most of the season. He didn’t pass his physical after reporting pain due to his helmet, and Washington is now searching for a more comfortable helmet. If the club can’t provide Williams with suitable head gear, he may be placed on the non-football injury list, ending his 2019 season before it begins.

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Derrius Guice Set To Return After Redskins’ Bye

It appears everything has gone smoothly in Redskins running back Derrius Guice‘s recovery. Washington has cut running back Craig Reynolds in order to clear the way for Guice’s return, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets.

Guice missed his entire rookie season after tearing his ACL during the preseason, and complications from surgery prolonged his initial recovery. Everyone was excited to see what he would look like in 2019, but after carrying the ball ten times for 18 yards in Week 1, he was placed on injured reserve again with a knee issue. After missing the requisite eight games, it looks like he’s going to be ready to roll in Week 11 following Washington’s bye. He returned to practice recently.

Guice has had a lot of tough luck during his short time in the pros, and hopefully he’s able to stay healthy this time around. Guice was viewed by many as the second-best running back in the 2018 draft class behind Saquon Barkley, but he fell to the Redskins with the 59th pick amid rumors of off-field issues. It’ll be very interesting to see how interim Redskins coach Bill Callahan divides the playing time in his backfield moving forward.

Callahan has committed the team to running the ball a lot more, and has been pounding the rock with Adrian Peterson since he took over for Jay Gruden. Washington isn’t going anywhere this season, so they’ll likely be cautious with Guice at first. At the same time, they obviously want to see what they have in a young guy who has barely played in his first two seasons. Reynolds is an undrafted rookie from D-II school Kutztown, who was promoted from the practice squad a few weeks back.

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Redskins Sign Deshazor Everett To Extension

The Redskins and safety Deshazor Everett have agreed to a three-year extension, per Adam Schefter of (via Twitter). The deal carries $6MM in base value, plus additional incentives, according to’s Ian Rapoport (Twitter link).

Everett was playing out the final year of the two-year, $2.6MM pact he signed with Washington in March 2018. At the time, he was coming off a 2017 campaign in which he set career highs in starts (eight), tackles (52), passes defensed (five), and forced fumbles (one). The Texas A&M product saw an increased role in the Redskins’ secondary that season due to injuries to the club’s other DBs, but his defensive snaps have fallen off considerably since.

Nonetheless, he remains a valuable special teams contributor, and the Redskins have elected to keep him under contract as a result. He has missed the last three games with an ankle injury, but that does not appear to be a major concern going forward.

Everett has compiled four tackles this year but has not registered any other statistics.

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