Brandon Browner Signs With Patriots

SATURDAY, 10:41am: Browner has officially signed with the Patriots, who announced the addition via Twitter.

FRIDAY, 6:18PM: Brandon Browner has now agreed to a three-year deal with the Patriots, reports Josina Anderson of (via Twitter). According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the deal could be worth up $17MM for the 6’4″ cornerback (via Twitter).

Browner will join Darrelle Revis as the new toys for Bill Belichick’s defense. The former Seahawk will go from playing across from Richard Sherman to Revis, allowing him to do most of his work against number two receivers. Unlike Revis, Sherman did not follow number one receivers across the formation.


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11 comments on “Brandon Browner Signs With Patriots

  1. RahZid

    Can’t wait to see the specifics, but the Pats have quite the secondary now. Revis / Browner / Dennard / Ryan / Arrington at CB & McCourty at FS. Now we need some DT help!

    • Nate F

      Armstead is the wildcard of the defense. If he can perform at a high level, we’re golden

    • dc21892

      If he can stay healthy they’re in good shape. He will be a monster, his only issue is being able to actually take the field.

      • RahZid

        What was his injury history like before the Pats signed him?

        • DieHardMsFan

          He had a groin injury last year. Also if I remember correctly some hamstring issues. That said his biggest liability is actually being on the field. The last two years he got suspended (also suspended first 4 games of this upcoming season).

          • RahZid

            I thought DC was talking about Armstead.

          • DieHardMsFan

            Oh, I thought he was describing Browner.

            Didn’t Armstead have some sort of heart condition?

          • RahZid

            Ok, I finally caved and did some research. He had the heart condition at USC, but he’s played professionally since then without incident (as far as I can tell). He had surgery to address some type of infection, which was unrelated to his heart.

    • dc21892

      I was talking about Armstead. I also was referring to that heart condition and last years infection. If all that is behind him, he will showcase what he did in the CFL.

  2. Al Presser

    Stupid signing, I didn’t think anyone would touch this guy, already suspended 4 games, he’s a talented player but not worth the headache

    • RahZid

      I don’t really see him as a headache. Yes he was suspended in 2012 for using a prescription drug, but his suspension to start this season is pretty BS. He didn’t take an NFL drug test while he was playing in the CFL.

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