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Last September, when the NFL was investigating domestic violence allegations Tiffany Thompson made against Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, she expressed a desire to blackmail him, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports. Thompson and her friend had a text messaging exchange in which the former noted that she was considering selling sex videos of herself and Elliott. When the friend suggested leveraging the videos against Elliott, Thompson replied, “I want to bro.” Thompson also registered the the email address “ezekielelliott sex vids” in August 2016, according to Robinson.

Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

While Elliott is appealing the six-game suspension the NFL handed him last week as a result of its domestic violence investigation, the texts between Thompson and her friend won’t necessarily lead to a shorter punishment for him. There’s nothing in them to disprove Thompson’s accusations against Elliott, for one; further, the league already knew of the texts when it was looking into the case, as it explained in its 160-page report of the investigation that Robinson obtained:

“The League’s forensic experts also recovered evidence from Ms. Thompson’s phone that she had registered an email address titled, “ezekielelliott sex vids” during the month of August, 2016. In addition, a text message with her friend [name withheld by Yahoo] was recovered that showed them talking about their need to make more money and Ms. Thompson raised the idea of selling the sex tapes she had of herself and Mr. Elliott. Her friend [name withheld] said they should blackmail Mr. Elliott with them, they’d be “millionaires”. Ms. Thompson replied that she’d like to but was scared. When Ms. Thompson was asked about this by the League’s investigators, she stated that she did have sex tapes of her and Mr. Elliott on her phone and she did open the email account but she denied doing so to blackmail Mr. Elliott.”

That’s not going to fly for Elliott’s camp, which will use the texts to establish a lack of credibility on Thompson’s part, according to Robinson. Elliott will have the NFLPA on his side, which the league accused on Wednesday of “spreading derogatory information to the media about the victim in Ezekiel Elliott’s discipline case.” The NFLPA issued a response on Twitter, contending that “the League office has a history of being exposed for its lack of credibility.”

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Hearing Officer Appointed For Ezekiel Elliott

Harold Henderson has been designated as the hearing officer in Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal, according to Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL.com (Twitter links). This may be a good sign for Elliott as Henderson was the officer who reduced Greg Hardy’s suspension from ten games to four in 2015. Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

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Elliott’s team is expected to try and poke holes in the story of ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, who may have been less-than-forthcoming about one of the encounters in question. Thompson has said that Elliott was physically abusive towards her and NFL investigators are in agreement after viewing photographic evidence from the period in question. Elliott’s camp will argue that the allegations were fabricated by a scorned lover, a route that the NFL is not too pleased with:

Over the past few days we’ve received multiple reports of the NFLPA spreading derogatory information to the media about the victim in Ezekiel Elliott’s discipline case,” the NFL said in a statement. “It’s a common tactic to attempt to disprove the innocence of the accused by discrediting the victim – in this case Ms. Thompson – when coming forward to report such abuse. Common or not, these tactics are shameful. Efforts to shame and blame victims are often what prevent people from coming forward to report violence and/or seek help in the first place.”

Elliott’s case will likely be heard on August 29th.

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Cowboys Work Out Julian Wilson

  • The Cowboys worked out defensive back Julian Wilson today, tweets Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. Two other defensive backs — Dejaun Butler and John Green — also auditioned for Dallas and were signed, a likely indication that Wilson won’t be joining the roster.

Ezekiel Elliott’s Hearing Date Likely Set

According to the language in the NFL’s contractual bargaining agreement, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s suspension appeal is expected to take place on August 29, tweets Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

Although appeal hearings typically are required to be scheduled within ten days of the appeal, the rules are different once the preseason begins. Any suspension appeal filed after the start of the exhibition season is automatically “scheduled for the second Tuesday following the receipt of the notice of appeal,” per the CBA. In Elliott’s case, that date falls two weeks from today on the 29th.

Elliott, of course, is currently suspended for the first six games of the season after the NFL found that he violated the league’s personal conduct policy. While the second-round back had been expected to land a ban of only one or two games, the NFL found that Elliott used physical force against his then-girlfriend.

To this point, Elliott had mostly stayed silent on the suspension process, and had engaged in the exercise. That was because Elliott believed the entire undertaking would end with his exoneration, a source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Now, Elliott will not only appeal, but hasn’t ruled out a court battle.

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Minor NFL Transactions: 8/15/17

Today’s minor moves:

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Dallas Cowboys

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

  • Waived: DL Shaneil Jenkins

Indianapolis Colts

  • Signed: WR Justice Liggins
  • Waived/injured: RB Dalton Crossan

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Signed LB Kyle Coleman
  • Waived/injured: LB Mike Moore

Miami Dolphins

New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Signed: CB Mitchell White

Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Files Appeal

Ezekiel Elliott‘s fight is officially on. The Cowboys running back formally appealed his six-game ban on Tuesday, ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter) reports. Ezekiel Elliott (vertical)

Elliott’s appeal will underscore elements of the alleged victim’s testimony that may have been incomplete or purposely misleading. The NFL has acknowledged some inconsistencies in Tiffany Thompson’s story, but investigators say they have incontrovertible evidence of abuse.

If Elliott does not have the suspension overturned or reduced, he will be sidelined until the team’s Week 8 game against the Redskins on October 29th (the Cowboys have a Week 6 bye). That would leave the Cowboys without their best offensive weapon versus the Giants, Broncos, Cardinals, Rams, Packers, and 49ers.

Elliott will have the assistance of the NFLPA as he looks to have his suspension overturned or reduced.

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Latest On Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott won’t formally appeal his six-game suspension until Tuesday, but we’re already getting early word on what his case might look like. Elliott’s team will argue that ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson made a number of threats to “ruin his career,” including one threat that was racial in nature, sources tell Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram. Elliott’s reps will also highlight inconsistencies in Thompson’s testimony throughout the process. Ezekiel Elliott (Vertical)

It’s not clear which of these “quoted threats” are substantiated by written evidence. In one instance, Elliott’s team alleges that Thompson said: “You are a black male athlete. I’m a white girl. They are not going to be believe you.” Elliott is “100 percent certain” that Thompson said this, per Hill’s source, but that might not hold much weight with the league office or in a court of law if it cannot be proven.

Elliott’s team will also make note of Thompson’s potentially bogus allegations of a domestic assault on July 22, 2016. The NFL has acknowledged that Thompson was not entirely truthful about the events on that day, though the running back will still have to answer for photographic evidence of other potential incidents on that same week.

If Elliott’s suspension stands, he will not see the field until late October.

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Elliott To File Appeal Tuesday; Gathers Continues To Impress

  • Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot has until Wednesday to appeal his six-game suspension, and Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets that Elliott will likely file the necessary paperwork on Tuesday.
  • Cowboys tight end Rico Gathers was hugely impressive in Dallas’ preseason game against the Rams last night, posting four catches and a touchdown. That builds upon the solid showing he had in the team’s first preseason matchup last week, and it is clear that he is the most explosive tight end on the roster. Ian Rapoport of NFL.com tweets that Gathers has come a long way in a short time — the Cowboys selected Gathers, a collegiate basketball player, in the sixth round of the 2016 draft — and makes the fairly obvious point that Gathers has a legitimate shot to make the team.

NFL Closes Elliott Bar Fight Case

  • The advisors who played a key role in the Ezekiel Elliott investigation did not recommend a specific suspension to Roger Goodell, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports. The commissioner handed out the six-game ban to the Cowboys running back in accordance with the December 2014 adjustment to the personal conduct policy that mandated a minimum six-game suspension for domestic violence. While Josh Brown managed to receive only a one-game ban for his alleged domestic-abuse incidents, the NFL followed its revised protocols in the Elliott case.