Seahawks Extend GM John Schneider Through 2027

The Seahawks locked up Pete Carroll with a long-term contract back in November, and now they’re doing the same with their front office head. The team has extended GM John Schneider, they announced Tuesday.

Schneider’s new deal will run all the way through the 2027 season, while Carroll’s is up after 2025. We had heard back on January 3rd that the Lions were planning on making a run at luring Schneider away to be their GM, as he only had one year left on his contract at the time. Needless to say, that won’t be happening. Schneider just wrapped up his 11th season as GM of the Seahawks, and he’s obviously had a very successful run.

He helped deliver Super Bowl XLVIII to the team, and of course hit the lottery by drafting Russell Wilson in the third-round. He also helped assemble the legendary ‘Legion of Boom’ defenses led by stars like Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and Earl Thomas.

Carroll was hired before Schneider back in 2010, and has a great deal of influence in the personnel makeup of the team as well. Carroll is believed to have final say over the roster, which has led to some speculation that another team could try to poach Schneider away with the offer of more power. Clearly that isn’t in the cards anytime soon.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Seahawks Extend GM John Schneider Through 2027

  1. arty!

    They are all still living off the Legion of Boom era. But that’s long gone. Whom have the drafted recently that is helping the club out now?

      • 24TheKid

        Darrell Taylor, Malik McDowell, DK Metcalf, Lj Collier??? John Schneider is a genius.

        • GoLandCrabs

          That is not good at all if thats the best you’re recent drafts have to offer.

      • Chester Copperpot

        …Says the guy who ignores DK Metcalf, Jordan Brooks, Ugo Amadi, Damien Lewis… or any other good draft pick by Schneider. This is such a tired argument.

    • giants4evr27

      Brooks, Collier, Wagner is still having a big impact, Metcalf, Carson, the Griffin Bros, Alton Robinson, Lewis should I continue?

    • AshamedMethGoat

      Yet, they’re good for 10-12 wins every year and are pretty much always in the playoffs. There’s probably 26 other teams that would kill for that track record. Schneider is one of the best GM’s in the sport and clearly loves being in Seattle.

      This is a big win for both.

      • Stephen Anthony

        It’s not all the players fault either. The offense needs to be able to counter defenses better. You can’t just run short on 1st, short on 2nd and then throw on long and continue to win games.

    • InvalidUserID

      Post LOB? In reverse draft order: Brooks, Blair, Metcalf, Amadi, Green, Griffin, Flowers, Dickson, Carson, Reed, Clark, and Lockett.

      Stars? Metcalf, Dickson, Carson, and Lockett. Reed and Clark just a notch below but otherwise very solid picks. 13 & 14 sucked though.

  2. GoLandCrabs

    Thats at least five more 1st round draft picks to completely miss on!

  3. nentwigs

    Great News….
    What is the contract status of Tom Wopat?
    Any thought of signing Catherine Bach?
    Does Sorrell Booke work in the business office?
    Update on the (James) Best of them all.
    Guess Denver Pyle is in the Broncos organization?

  4. lyingsfan

    I don’t understand how this would stop another team from luring him away. The whole premise of the idea was that he could have total control as opposed to Pete Carroll having final say. This is still an option if he would want out.

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