Seahawks OT Appears To Be Demanding Trade

It sounds like Seahawks tackle Alvin Bailey wants out of Seattle. The backup offensive lineman took to Twitter just minutes ago with the following:

Thinkin’ about 31 other cities I’d rather be in then [sic] Seattle right now,” Bailey wrote.

Bailey has been playing in a reserve role thus far in 2015, though he has appeared in each of Seattle’s four games. The 24-year-old was a candidate to start at left guard this year, but Bailey lost his hold on the position over the summer. Eventually, Justin Britt was moved from right tackle to the interior, squeezing Bailey out of the starting lineup.

After the Seahawks’ offensive line looked particularly shaky against the Lions on Monday night, the team is probably wary of losing depth in that unit.

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12 comments on “Seahawks OT Appears To Be Demanding Trade

  1. elscorcho the marlin
    elscorcho the marlin

    Dolphins could use him

  2. dmart

    The Eagles should make a move

  3. steve

    hopefully he can learn the difference between then/than in one of those cities.

  4. cletus

    Be careful what you wish for there, fatboy.

    • baseballrat

      Bet you won’t call him Fat Boy to his face, tough guy.

      • cletus

        Like he could catch me.

  5. Sam Robinson

    At the rate it’s going for the Seahawks’ front, he might’ve just had to wait his turn. Depending on how many of his teammates follow him, tomorrow could be icy at the facility.

  6. TJECK109

    Watching the Seattle OL last week… If he’s only good enough to be a backup on that roster he can’t have much value

  7. Christian

    The Falcons could be a fit

  8. RobLintnerJr

    Lions need him lol they need 5 of him actually lol

    • LorenzoVonMatterhorn

      I thought they needed some offensive line…..watching Bailey’s technique during pre-season left a lot to be desired and showed enough to not be a starter

  9. mikevinc12

    Straight up trade Barclay from the packers for Baily Barclay is a mess

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