Vontaze Burfict To Meet With Roger Goodell

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is scheduled to have a sit-down in the coming days with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a source close to Burfict tells Coley Harvey of ESPN.com. Burfict hopes that his meeting will lead to his three-game suspension being reduced. Vontaze Burfict (vertical)

On Monday night, the NFL suspended Burfict for the first three games of this upcoming season for “repeated violations of safety-related playing rules.” Burfict’s latest and worst offense, of course, came late in Saturday’s AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Steelers when he leveled Antonio Brown. The Steelers wide receiver was coming across the middle of the field when Burfict drilled Brown in the head, leaving him with a nasty concussion. The latest word on Brown is that he will probably not be able to play this weekend against the Broncos. Pittsburgh will have running back DeAngelo Williams back in the lineup against Denver, but they will be playing at a serious disadvantage if Brown is sidelined.

Burfict was previously been fined for safety-related violations four times in 2015, including a $50K fine for unnecessarily contacting an opponent who was out of the play in Cincinnati’s Week 17 game against the Ravens. That play, which can be viewed here, saw tight end Maxx Williams run a route in the end zone and get leveled by Burfict, even though the ball was nowhere near him.

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14 comments on “Vontaze Burfict To Meet With Roger Goodell

  1. Every NFL team who has experienced a hit to injure a player by Burfict flagged or not should send video to Roger Goodall!

    • leefieux

      Ain’t that the truth. Goodell should’ve made it EIGHT games.

      Maybe Burfict will get ticked and head butt Goodell?

  2. brewcrew17

    I am one of the few, apparently, that feel Shazier’s hit was worse then Burficts.

    • But burfict is a repeat offender

    • Sopro Found

      You’re right..I keep trying to get that point across..hit to the head of a supposedly “defenseless receiver” (even tho there was no way for burf to know if he made the catch or not or stop his momentum) and launching headfirst, helmet to helmet into ANYONE, runner or not, are two different penalties! The refs were blatantly biased with those two situations..but crybaby steelers fans will never accept it.

      • jrwhite21

        Bitter Cincy fan, I see?

      • Rick Eger

        You’ll never accept that the Bengals were trounced at their own game!

      • There was no way for Burfict to know if Brown caught the pass. But he easily could have wrapped up and tackled Brown rather then lead with his shoulder and try to go for the big hit.

    • leefieux

      The rules for tackling runners are different than for receivers.

      Therefore, there was nothing wrong with Shazier’s hit.

      • There was in that he led with the crown of his helmet (its actually a rule and he should’ve been flagged) but Shazier’s hit wasn’t worse than Burfict’s.

  3. slpdajab55

    It’s football. Let them play

  4. Rick Eger

    Goodell better have bodyguards!

  5. Sherrym12

    Hopefully Goodell tells him his suspension is for regular season games and add to it that during offseason and as long as necessary, he get anger mgmt counseling. Any missed sessions and his suspension could be for the whole season. He’s a total nut case, needs something. Personally, I think he should not be allowed to play. He’s a disgrace to the league.

  6. He should be removed from the NFL all together. He can not be controlled. You are putting players in danger.

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