Seahawks GM Discusses Offseason, Re-Signings, Keys to Success

It’s been a relatively quiet offseason for the Seahawks. The organization has added lineman on both sides of the ball, and they also signed Jermaine Kearse to a new contract. Of course, it hasn’t solely been positive in Seattle, as former first-rounder Bruce Irvin left for the Raiders.

General manager John Schneider touched on several of these topics while talking with reporters (including John Boyle of at the NFL Annual Meetings earlier this week. We’ve compiled some of the notable quotes below…

On the team’s strategy for the rest of the offseason:

“All throughout free agency, every position, we’re going to keep tinkering and working our way through certain deals and see if we can be involved or if we can’t. Where we’re at right now, we just have to be very responsible.”

On Frank Clark being forced to replace some of Irvin’s production:

“When we drafted Frank—you have to prepare for the possibility of not having some players. Obviously we wanted to have Bruce back and if the two of them were on the same team again, that would have been great, but to a certain extent you have to look towards the future.”

On switching focus to re-signing current players:

“We have several guys who have one year left on their contracts, so that’s always something we look at. For planning purposes moving forward we have to know what’s down the road. We have several key players who have one year left on their deals, so we’ll try to address that at the appropriate time.”

On the key to the Seahawks success:

“There’s no ego. Ego is the enemy, really. Being able to communicate in clear, concise fashion and make decisions as quickly as you possibly can. Knowing that first and foremost, we’re looking out for what’s best in the organization.

“We talk about no walls at our place. We include our coaches in the draft and in free agency, and they have buy-in.”

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8 comments on “Seahawks GM Discusses Offseason, Re-Signings, Keys to Success

  1. wishesgrantd

    Frank Clark was a DE last year, not a safety.

    • nickkainmyers

      Who said anything about a safety?! Says Frank Clark is going to replace some of Irvin’s (who plays LB

      • Irvin was drafted as a DE and played his first season at DE before moving to LB. Even after the move to LB though he still played more like a DE in his position. Clark should be a pretty natural replacement for Irvin at that spot.

    • nickkainmyers

      Who said anything about a safety?! Says Frank Clark is going to replace some of Bruce Irvin’s (who plays LB

      • Mr Bags

        LB and DE

  2. Malcolm eXistential

    Schneider has gotten extremely lucky with some of his draft picks, and he has been slightly short of terrible with his free agent picks, including Harvin and Graham. Beware of when a pretty good GM thinks he’s a great GM. Not only is ego your enemy, but hubris is harmful.

    • Tommy

      What about Bennett and Avril? Graham has hardly been a bust, his production was going way up before his injury. He’s hit on a lot of draft picks form him to be called lucky.

    • Mr Bags

      What an incredibly ignorant comment. Try paying attention.

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