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The NFLPA and Tom Brady‘s legal team have been granted an extension and will now have until May 23rd to appeal the latest pro-NFL ruling on Brady’s Deflategate suspension, Mark Maske of the Associated Press tweets. Unsurprisingly, the NFL objected to the two week extension, as Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal tweets

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Brady‘s four-game suspension related to the Patriots’ Deflategate incident, which was initially overturned in court last year, was been reinstated by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit late last month. In the immediate aftermath, it was reported that Brady was prepared to continue his fight and Pats owner Robert Kraft was quick to stand alongside him. Meanwhile, the NFL does not see any need to reignite settlement talks. Ultimately, this dispute being Brady and the league office will be settled by the justice system.

If Brady’s four-game suspension is ultimately upheld, he won’t be eligible to return to regular-season action until Sunday, October 9th in Cleveland. The Patriots would be without their starting quarterback for games against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bills in that scenario. Understudy Jimmy Garoppolo would likely step into the starting role in New England if Brady is forced to miss the first month of the coming season.

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40 comments on “Latest On Tom Brady, Suspension

  1. Dsizzler

    Suck it up Florio. Serve the 4 games and like it. Do the crime – serve the time. #onceacheateralwaysacheater

    • Nick Ottino

      your argument falls apart due to the fact that no crime was committed. also, as you incorrectly stated, Brady has never cheated before. so basically your entire comment is flat out wrong. i think you have been watching too much ESPN.

  2. Stupidest non scandal in the history of sports

  3. jtworsley

    So happy taxpayer money is being used for this

  4. JD396

    I’m upset about where my supervisor placed my mailbox. Do I have a federal case too?

    • Bingo

      The NFL took this to court. In Manhattan. Not Brady, or the NFLPA. They filed in response to the NFL. So sorry if the actual facts do not fit with your version.


    Please drop it Tom, nobody cares and so sick of hearing about it. The courts should not even take this case. The court system should get his four game salary.

    • Nick Ottino

      pretty sure all of New England cares. as well as anyone who actually read the Wells report.

    • Bingo

      The NFL took this to court. Not Brady, or the NFLPA. Brady did not start this, the NFL did. Why should he just “drop it” when he is being punished for something the NFL failed to even begin to prove.

  6. He deserves it. Justice served

    • Nick Ottino

      as i said above, to deserve the punishment some sort of wrongdoing must be present. nothing happened. you also have been watching too much ESPN

      • braves77777

        Balls were deflated. He trashed his phone when asked to see his phone contents. That’s obstruction of the court. He can’t do that. He probably had conversations with people on there to deflate his balls.

        • Bingo

          Balls were not deflated. Wells told him they didn’t need his phone.

      • James

        Just the destruction of evidence (the cell phone) would have resulted in a charge of obstruction of justice if it had been a criminal case. So yes there as wrong doing. Quit being such a homer.

        • Bingo

          It never would have been a criminal case. No grand jury would EVER have indicted based on the BS the Wells and the NFL manufactured

      • tobyharrah1977

        Take the blinders off

      • BSPORT

        Weird, why destroy phone? Phone records would tell the tale.

        • Bingo

          The phone records were provided.

      • Brett

        He deflated footballs, he lied, and then he destroyed his phone. Instead of just taking a $25,000 fine and fessing up. This isnt over because the patriots cannot admit there wrongs.

        • Brett

          Does anyone remember their parents telling them if you lie to me your punishment will be worse. Brady is just like a little kid and he still has not learned his lesson !!!

          • Bingo

            The NFL has no evidence that footballs were deflated. What exactly did Brady lie about? If you want to talk about a FULLY DOCUMENTED lie, check out Roger Goodell lying, in writing, about Tom Brady’s appeal testimony. He thought the transcripts of the hearing were going to be sealed. So he flat out lied about what was said in the hearing. Oops, sorry roger…the judge released the transcripts. Goodell was caught red-handed. How come we don’t hear anything about that on ESP-effing-N?

  7. AshtonLover

    “Justice served”. You must be a bills fan

    • James

      You must be a pats fans.

  8. You deflategate believers date your sisters I bet…and blame her for not kissing you goodnight.

    • James

      Wow what are you 12?

  9. Charles Champagne

    As a fan of both the Patriots and Tom Brady I am glad he didn’t lie-down to the great and powerful oz! Goodell is a dictator! Judge,jury and executioner! If any of the other fans here think that Brady had anything to with deflating footballs then you are ignorant and haven’t spent one minute reading the transcripts of every aspect of this so called case. Their are absolutely no supporting facts which even remotely indicate any wrong doing. According to Ted Wells the phone didn’t have even a minimal affect on his report and even at that TB gave the Kangaroo court 30 thousand texts from his phone to read if chose to read them! Instead Badsmell summarily dismissed them, and never even looked one of them. The problem with Goodell he’s still employed by Woody Johnson and as his employee he does what Woody wants, and in this case he needed TB suspended for four games so his franchise would have a chance at winning the division! I have followed this case extensively and can tell you all this doesn’t end well for the NFL both in appellate court and civil court after the en banc decision is rendered in Brady’s favor. Such a waste of energy on the part of bad smell Goodell.

    • TheTruth

      Wow blinded by bias much? The Patriots admitted they deflated the footballs by accepting the team penalty without protest. The guy that called himself the deflator said he would not deflate the balls to Bradys liki g unless he was getting gifts from Brady. There is no way anyone in the organization would tamper the balls without the knowledge amd consent of the QB because it is he who has to be most comfortable with them. He destroyed his phone and evidence just before meeting with the investigator and more importantly did not begin his defense until after getting assurances from the cell company that the texts could not be retrieved. The appelate court gave the right response. since the NFL acted within their broad powers of the CBA they had no standing to overtuen the suspension. That is how the next appeal will go unless they get some crooked judges. Goodell is as much an employee of Kraft as Joh son or any other owner in the league.

  10. hill
    daren hill

    I really struggle with this.

    I just can’t decide who is more despicable, Brady or Goodell.

  11. Tiger_diesel92

    What another cheater who wants to deny, I don’t know this is common for Boston fans they’ll deny anything about their players never cheated.

    • BSPORT

      Agreed, Papi, Schilling, etc

    • soxfan1

      LOL Schilling?

    • soxfan1

      Yeah and non-Boston fans would certainly never hold any bias against the Patriots!

  12. Jbs32

    Are Pats fans trying to say that a DB that touches the ball once in a game could tell it was deflated but the guy who touches it every play couldn’t? That they actually think destroying evidence was a coincidence? And most astonishing that the Patriots don’t have a history of cheating for almost all of Bradys tenure? I understand being biased but come on guys.

  13. BSPORT

    I don’t think it’s all Brady. I think the coach is responsibility number one. He always skates through his cheating untouched. Can’t tell me Bill is always clueless. The coach knows what’s going on. Brady didn’t learn to cheat at Michigan.

  14. Patrick Damn

    This court case is not just about Tom Brady. It is a referendum on all labor v management arbitration. Should companies be forced to follow basic procedural fairness? Two 9th circuit judges have said Brady was unjustly punishment, two have said it doesn’t matter if he’s unjustly punished the Commissioner can do whatever he wants. Quite frankly It’s bad for all unions if Brady loses this case. The Patriots will be fine this year, they’re going to win the division and make it to the AFC championship game at least. The real question is on whether or not the commissioner of the NFL or any business executive can make the rules up as they go along. The answer to that in the United States should be no.

    • BSPORT

      You think the U.S. Courts should decide the rules for the NFL? There are other labor unions that would make much more sense for the U.S. to look into and not in the entertainment business.

  15. RShockey

    Look! The Patriots have a running record for trying to slime their way through every case they’ve been caught doing. Why should Brady’s case be different. Watch, he squirm off the hook! Patriots can not be trusted.

  16. Bernadette Flynn

    Harsh punishment when nothing could be proved ..don’t understand why the NFL isn’t backing Brady’s appeal,They should because Goodell wants things his way, and something like this may happen to one of the thr teams and then what will they have to refer to…Big mistake NFL

  17. Bernadette Flynn

    Do you all forget that game was WON after the balls in question were removed !

  18. joshlandry23

    If you all don’t remember Jonas gray had 3 rushing touchdowns which is 21 points the colts only had 7 points that whole game Brady had 3 passing tds the second half which made it 42-7 so get ya facts straight Brady didn’t do shit Jonas gray just destroyed the colts D

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