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Browns executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown says that he’s not interested in trading Josh Gordon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t trade him for the right price. So, what is that price? The Browns want a second-round pick “and then some” in order to part with the wide receiver in a trade, according to Mike Garafolo of (video link). Josh Gordon

Garafolo adds that everyone on the Browns roster can be available for the right price, which makes sense considering that the team is going through a rebuilding phase. On Thursday, the Browns found out that Barkevious Mingo – who was on the roster bubble – was worth a fifth-round pick. That probably has Cleveland execs dreaming about what they can score for their more valuable assets.

In terms of pure talent, Gordon has the potential to be one of the league’s very best receivers. However, it’s not a given that a team can keep him on track and on the field. Gordon was granted a conditional reinstatement by Roger Goodell earlier this summer, meaning that he’ll be sidelined for the first four games and can only come back for Week 5 if he stays the course with his treatment plan.

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7 comments on “Latest On Browns, Josh Gordon

  1. cleonjones

    Yes five games in 2014. 0 games in 2016. Yes Cleveland I’d be thrilled to give you a 2 for him. We all know there will be no further trouble from him.

  2. Scott

    The Browns are crazy if they think they’ll get a 2nd “and then some.”

    • Not crazy just simply not interested in trading him

    • Correct. The Browns are crazy.

    • Teams, in all sports, put high prices on players if they deem the player to be untouchable/no reason to trade them. Its completely normal. Its to see if another team is crazy enough to offer that much. The Browns price probably won’t be met, but that’s because their price is one that they feel comfortable with if they trade a guy they don’t need to trade. If they really wanted him gone, their price would be more realistic. However, they have almost no reason to let him go. When he’s actually playing, he’s arguably a top 5 receiver if given a decent QB, and no current top 5 receiver in the league is worth as little as a second round pick. Yes the guy has a ton of baggage, but at least he got reinstated and seems to be on the right path now. Their worst case scenario is he relapses, gets suspended again, and at that point they can put him on their restricted list and hold onto his rights. That scenario is similar as to why Justin Blackmon probably won’t ever suit up again. The Jags have no incentive to cut him and he isn’t occupying a roster spot/cap charge since he’s on the restricted list.

  3. realfootballfan

    New England just traded a 5th round pick for Mingo, so anything is possible if a team is desperate enough.

    • David

      yeah but watch the patriots get a 4th rnd compensatory pick when he signs with someone else in the offseason.

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