Bears Undecided On Jay Cutler’s Future

If quarterback Jay Cutler‘s thumb injury keeps him on the shelf for an extended period of time, he could actually be likelier to remain with the Bears in 2017, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). The Bears hope to decide by season’s end whether to go forward with Cutler as a long-term option, says Cole, but if they’re unable to fully evaluate the signal-caller, his affordable deal might keep him in their plans next year.

Jay Cutler (vertical)

The notion of another go-around with Cutler might not be an appealing one to Bears fans, of course, especially given the start he and the team have had in 2016. The Cutler-led Bears put up a combined 28 points in their first two games, losses to the Texans and Eagles. In a blowout home defeat to Philadelphia on Monday, Cutler tried to play through a thumb injury he suffered in Week 1, and he hit on 12 of 17 passes for 157 yards and an interception before exiting in the third quarter.

Ian Rapoport of reported Tuesday that the banged-up Cutler could sit out a few weeks, and sources told Cole that he will miss significant time. That would leave the Bears with the experienced Brian Hoyer under center as they try to climb out of the NFC North cellar. Hoyer connected on 9 of 12 passes for 78 yards in relief of Cutler on Monday.

The Bears paid a hefty price for Cutler in 2009, sending two first-rounders, a third-rounder and fellow signal-caller Kyle Orton to Denver to acquire, but his tenure in Chicago has been a rocky one. In Cutler’s 99 regular-season starts, the team has hovered around .500 (50-49) – including a woeful 3-14 mark at Soldier Field since 2014 – as he has completed 61.9 percent of passes and tossed 151 touchdowns against 106 interceptions.

Chicago has made the playoffs just once with Cutler at the helm, in 2010, and is currently stuck in a six-year postseason drought. The team signed him to a seven-year, $126MM extension with $54MM in guarantees in January 2014, and he’s set to count $16MM against its cap in 2017. Releasing Cutler after the season would leave the Bears with just $2MM in dead money in 2017, though the club could instead opt to continue with him at the controls, as Cole reports.

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21 comments on “Bears Undecided On Jay Cutler’s Future

  1. J.M. Hall

    Send him Packing!!! He is the WORST QB in the NFL

    • Your full of it…

      • KJ0911

        He is correct, Cutler is the horrible, and is the worst QB in the NFL

        • DarkGhost

          Worst QB in the league? Give me cutler over Kase Kenium, and RG3 anyday of the week

          • J.M. Hall

            The reason why he is the worst is that he isn’t a leader. He gives up on his team when he is getting blown out of the water (i.e. NFC Championship several years ago, also MNF game last night) leadership overshadows skills, especially in this case. Most players who played with Cutler at one time say he is not a leader now that they are gone. Stephen A. Smith and the guys on first take hit the nail right on the head when discussing this exact same topic
            I, personally, would rather have RGIII, or even, dare I say it, Tim Tebow as my starter than Cutler right now…

          • Skol72

            I agree Jim. he doesnt seem to be a team player. his best years was when he was throwing to brandon marshall and he made Cutler look good. I wouldnt be able to agree with you on tebow or RG111 though

          • J.M. Hall

            Alright….I guess that me wanting Tebow is a stretch, considering he can’t really throw a football. However, RGIII, I would take over Cutler, as well as many other QB’s that have fallen from the graces of other NFL teams.

  2. Skol72

    im a Vikes fan and I feel for Bears fans with that head case. Cutler and Romo are cut from the same mold

    • rickcwik

      See, I feel for Vike fans because they have had the RB in football over last ten years and cant win diddly squat.

      • rickcwik

        “Best RB”

        • Skol72

          he is not the best running back in football. he is not a complete back. I would trade him in a minute, even in his prime

          • DarkGhost

            Are you kidding AP not the best running back in football? Maybe not anymore because he is past his prime but trading him because he isn’t a complete back? You are talking about a sure fire 1st ballot hall of famer that for his career averages over 5 yards a carrier and is one of the few running backs in history with a 2000 yard season those types of players aren’t replaceable.

    • J.M. Hall

      You are completely, 100% correct with the Jay Cutler/Tony Romo comparison.

  3. TDKnies

    Long-term option my ass. He’s a stopgap QB at this point in his career I think. He’ll embarrass you on his worst days, be half decent for most, and really surprise you once or twice a season. He’s got use on an NFL roster but if you want him to be the head QB of your contender, you’ve got problems.

  4. ChiSoxCity

    I don’t get it. Why is this Chicago Bears organization so loyal to Cutler. He’s not a leader, and he’s never been dependable, and most of the players and Bears fans hate him.

    They’re #1 priority right now should be to find a franchise QB. If that means they have to tank the season in order to acquire one with a top 3 draft pick, so be it.

    • tjdchi

      Interesting. Can you share with us who on the roster has told you that “most” of the players hate Cutler? I agree that QB should be their top priority in the draft, but the statement that most bears fans and teammates hate him is outrageous.

  5. Not sure why Cutler missing games would affect his evaluations – if the Bears don’t know what they need to know about him by now, they never will.

  6. J.M. Hall

    I really do think that the Bears should consider eating the rest of Cutler’s salary and dump him. Maybe take a long hard look at Jimmy Garoppolo. Eastern Illinois grad. High, High upside and potential, a future STAR

  7. dust44

    U could have Blaine Gabbart or Ryan Fitzpatrick or Ryan Tannehill or Case Keenum or Tyrod Taylor or RG3/Josh McCown etc. there’s not many good QBs in the league. Cutler isn’t great but he’s better then what u could have.

  8. Andrew J.

    Noooooooooo… I am not a Cutler hater, nor have I really loved him. I will say this however, he will not lead us to the Promise Land. Watching Cutler for what, 8 years now (?), I can honestly say that I have seen enough, and ready for this organization to move on. He doesn’t instill hope to the fan base, that he can be an above average qb in this league. He is a .500 quarterback, and he has played like a middle of the road qb as well. I am encouraged that this year will be a bust, and hopefully it will allow them to draft a qb early in the draft. Now that I will watch next year. I will not watch this football team with Cutler
    “supposedly” leading them again in 2017.

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