Browns Notes: Whitner, Gordon, Manziel

As Josh Gordon stays in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, many fans and pundits (notably Cris Carter) have called for the Browns to cut ties with their star receiver, but one of his new teammates does not want to see that happen. Donte Whitner does not think he deserves to be released, reports Marc Sessler of

“I know all the dumb things people say — ‘he should be cut, he should be this’ — he shouldn’t,” said Whitner. “He’s a 23-year-old kid; he made some mistakes. A lot of people’s 20-year-old sons make mistakes. We have to help him, and that’s the bottom line. We have to help him collectively. It’s not going be one person that helps him, it’s not going to be two people that help him. It’s gonna come from the front office, the coaching staff, the players and his whole family. We have to help him — not only for football purposes, but for life purposes to get his life in order.”

Whitner also said that most of the team, including cornerback Joe Haden, have reached out to Gordon and that he is “very remorseful” over the situation.

Here are some other notes about the Browns:

  • Whitner also lauded how the offense is taking shape, comparing it to what the Redskins executed under offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, writes Sessler“This scheme that they’re running on offense is some of the stuff they did in Washington with (Robert Griffin III),” Whitner said. “So if you get that running, you get the defense guessing, and you’re running the football well and throw the football around and guys’ eyes aren’t in the right place on defense, that’s where a lot of the big plays come from.”
  • Another Browns’ player who has been in the spotlight for non-football related reasons is Johnny Manziel, and Maggie Hendricks of writes that the rookie quarterback is a big winner of the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers. She writes that sharing the city with an NBA star of that stature will take some of the pressure off of Manziel, and will spread out the spotlight.
  • Whether it was because he is relieved to share the spotlight, excited as a fan, or just happy for his friend to join him in Cleveland, Manziel was excited for James to come back to his hometown. Manziel posted to his Twitter and twice on Instagram welcoming James back to Ohio.
  • While Manziel has his detractors, don’t count Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders as one of them. Sanders appeared on 105.3 The Fan with Shan and RJ in Dallas to discuss the embattled quarterback. “The kid hasn’t done anything,” said Sanders. “They’re putting him out there like he’s Justin Bieber — like he’s egging folks on and doing wild and rich folks stuff. He’s not doing stuff like that. He’s a good kid.”
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