NFC Links: Sam, Bradford, Suh, Bailey

Let’s look at the latest news from the NFC…

  • After Michael Sam failed to land with a team via waivers after being cut by the Rams, the NFL discreetly contact clubs around the league and asked them to evaluate him as a practice squad candidate, reported Peter King on NBC’s pregame coverage earlier tonight. Sam eventually joined the Cowboys’ PS.
  • In the wake of his second ACL tear in as many seasons, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford says he hasn’t yet coped with the future of his NFL career. “I haven’t even thought that far ahead,” Bradford told reporters, including Nick Wagoner of “It’s still pretty hard to comprehend right now. I think it will be good once I have the surgery because the rehab process will give me something to focus on and something to put my attention towards.”
  • Ndamukong Suh was complementary of J.J. Watt following the latter’s extension with the Texans, but wouldn’t comment on what Watt’s deal would mean for him, Suh. “I have no clue,” Suh said, per Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press. “It’s not up to me. Talk to my agent.” The defensive tackle is entering the final year of his contract with the Lions, during which he will count a league-high $22.413MM against the cap.
  • Lions head coach Jim Caldwell was coy about his team’s interest in adding Champ Bailey following the veteran’s workout today, but Detroit corner Rashean Mathis hopes Bailey will be joining him in the secondary, writes Birkett in a separate piece. “You can substitute for a lot of things, but knowledge is not one of them,” said Mathis. “[Bailey] knows the game, he knows football. When you have that much playing experience, the coaches know you know just as much as them when it comes to on-the-field stuff.”
  • In a piece for, former Packers employee Andrew Brandt details the contrasting personalities of two of his former colleagues — Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson, and Seahawks GM (and former Packers personnel man) John Schneider.
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2 comments on “NFC Links: Sam, Bradford, Suh, Bailey

  1. Nick P.

    The sam thing is absolutely disgusting. he couldnt make a team on talent and skill, and the league basically did exactly what everybody thought, which is now confirmed, and pressured teams to sign him. Wouldnt be surprised if it was true that they pressured the Rams to draft him also (jeff fisher head of competition committee, STL being in Missouri..lots of coincidences)
    The fact the league called around to get him on, and took a spot from a more deserving player is terrible. Somebody earned it, and this guy has had it all handed to him. he says its about football, but every ove he’s made so far has been a celebrity move, from the kiss heard round the world to the oprah show to the reality show to the comments he makes on a regular basis about how great he is.
    I hope every player that didnt get a spot on a practice squad sues the NFl for discrimination and nepatism. They clearly played favorites and chose a guy based on his sexual orientation. Ironic that its straight players being discriminated against and being kept out of a job for being straight. I thought collusion was illegal and the league was supposed to be neutral

  2. Sufferfortribe

    Guess the NFL wasn’t discreet enough. What a shame they used their weight to force teams to look specifically at Sam. Obviously this was done to appease the LGBT section, which is nothing but a very tiny minority in society.
    Did the NFL also discreetly contact clubs about all the other players looking to get on a practice squad? Because if they didn’t, then they should be brought up on charges of discrimination by the Justice Department. Maybe they should have their tax-exempt status revoked, too. Oh, never mind. Eric Holder would never do that. This is just the type of behavior he condones.
    Maybe the F in NFL stands for “FAIL”.


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