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The end of the season is near for the 2-9 Jets and the same could be said for Rex Ryan‘s tenure as head coach.

  • Has Ryan been a marked man all season long? Sources told Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post that, during the offseason, Ryan bumped into scouts and other coaches from around the league who told him Jets General Manager John Idzik had been telling people his plan all along was to replace Ryan after the season and bring in his own head coach. “Did he think that wasn’t going to get back to me?” an angered Ryan told one confidant.
  • Two AFC coaches have told Cannizzaro that they would be happy to see the Jets fire Ryan. That’s not out of disrespect, but because they don’t want to have to face him. “You don’t think [Patriots head coach Bill] Belichick will be glad to see Rex out of the division?” one of the coaches said. “I guarantee you he’d be happy to see Rex out of the AFC East. I know I’d rather not face him — and I like Rex.”
  • Two sources told Cannizzaro that Ryan has been hinting to those around him that he will move to TV when/if the Jets fire him.
  • After getting outcoached on Monday, even Ryan knows he’s a goner, writes Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. Still, the Jets coach sounds confident that he’ll make it until the end of the year. “I’m not worried about it,’’ Ryan insisted. “One thing I know, unless it changes drastically, I will be the head coach here for the next five weeks. That’s what I know and I’m going to go about my job like I always do.’’
  • Internally, the Jets also see Ryan staying on through the end of the season, tweets Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network (on Twitter).
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One comment on “Latest On Jets, Rex Ryan

  1. billinga

    Interesting to contrast him signing an extension in one of the old Hard Knocks episodes, talking to his wife jokingly that somehow they believe in him and she can go shopping now to his current situation.

    He’s going to need to really watch that profanity if he transitions to TV.


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