Lions Hire Rod Wood As President

The Lions have officially hired Rod Wood as the team’s new president, the club announced today in a press release. Wood takes over the position that was previously held by Tom Lewand, until he was let go along with general manager Martin Mayhew earlier this month.

Wood, who was served as the president and CEO of Ford Estates, has “worked closely” with the Lions organization for the last eight years, according to the team release. He’ll oversee the business side of the franchise, and will report directly to owner Martha Firestone Ford.

“I am humbled and honored to accept this position,” Wood said in a statement. “Mrs. Ford has made it clear that her goal, and the goal of the Ford Family, is to make the Detroit Lions a championship football team and organization. In my role as team President, I will do everything possible to provide our organization with all the means necessary to succeed on the football field and provide our fans and city with a championship organization both on and off the field.”

With Wood taking over the role as president, the Lions will now move forward in their search for a general manager, with Ford stating that the club now has “the ability to move more decisively” in that search. She also announced an advisory board for the GM search, which includes herself, Wood, and the team’s board of directors and vice chairmen, all of whom are members of the Ford family.

The Lions remain unlikely to formally name a new GM until after the regular season, but the team figures to identify potential candidates and perhaps put out feelers in the next few weeks. For now, Sheldon White remains the interim general manager in Detroit.

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3 comments on “Lions Hire Rod Wood As President

  1. The ford family whose ownership has produced 1 playoff win since 63

  2. Rory Parks

    This is certainly in keeping with recent reports that Rod Wood has had an increased presence around the team lately. The Lions needed to get this settled so that a prospective GM knows exactly what he’s getting himself into, and Wood is an interesting choice to run the business side of the operation. Whoever the new GM is will be in a good position, as he will have a roster that has a fair amount of talent and at least one immensely valuable but tradeable asset, so a quick turnaround is certainly within reach.

  3. TheMichigan

    Can we please as a plea from a fan. Hire outside of the Ford influence? It’s killing the damn franchise, the fords have produced one, that’s right kiddos, ONE playoff win since 63 as the guy said above. We don’t need new GMs new presidents. We need a new owner. Martha’s got 5 years maximum. Then it’s to her crack shot son. I feel like the fords should just sell out to illich or something who can lead this team; hire outside of their sphere of influence and actually get some ground in anything. Heck I think the lions finally fired their scouts after 20 something years? We’ve had the same flipping scouts for 20 years? Who drafted the likes of Harrington and countless other mistakes? And they were still here in 2015? Jesus Christ I hope and pray for this franchise. I really really do.


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