Teams Have Called Titans About No. 1 Pick

Titans GM Jon Robinson has fans coming up to him constantly to ask about the team’s No. 1 overall pick, as’s Jim Wyatt writes. It’s not just the fans that are asking, however. Opposing GMs have called Robinson to ask about acquiring the top pick as well.

Jon Robinson (featured)[RELATED: Tennessee Titans Offseason Outlook 2016]

I’ve had a couple of conversations here and there. I think it is really more kind of exploratory at this point,’’ he said. “As we get a little bit closer, a little bit more through the process with the combine and interviews and pro days, I expect there will be a few more exploratory calls, and there may not be. We’ll see.”

With several weeks to go between now and the draft, we expect there to be many more calls on the Titans’ No. 1 selection. One has to imagine that it will take a lot to pry that top pick away from Robinson & Co., but it’s not necessarily impossible given the number of holes the Titans have to fill.

As of this writing, most draft pundits are predicting that the Titans will select Mississippi offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil with the No.1 pick. In theory, however, the Titans could be enticed by the opportunity to trade down and land a tackle like Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley if given the right package of picks and NFL-ready talent. Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa could also be in the mix for the No. 1 selection.

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4 comments on “Teams Have Called Titans About No. 1 Pick

  1. JT19

    If I’m the Titans I don’t make a trade unless I get at least two first rounders between this year and next. The ideal scenario would probably be 3 first rounders and a collection of other early/mid round picks, but a deal involving an early first this year and a first rounder next year, plus two second rounders/second rounder and a third rounder, and another late round pick might not be a bad idea.

    • Gogerty

      Unless Mike Ditka is running a team sans Ricky Williams draft, I doubt any team gives up that much. If there was a clear cut number one pick, I could see it. But I could be wrong. A 1st, 3rd, and later of this year if that 1st is top 7 or two 1st in subsequent years.

      • JT19

        I doubt a team gives up that much either, but my point was more along the lines of that the Titans should get a decent return for the number 1 pick. Two first rounders (whether both this year or one this year and one next) should be a minimum. That or a first rounder this year or next and multiple second or third rounders this year or next. The draft class seems to be a bit weaker this year when compared to some others, but a top 3-5 pick should still require a decent haul.

  2. bucsfan

    Several draftnik websites will have a reference table that will show the value of each individual pick. It comes in very handy when evaluating trade value and what a team would have to give up to get a particular spot.


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