Extra Points: Editorial Change, Manziel, Cook

Here at Pro Football Rumors, our biggest transaction of the week happened outside of the NFL. PFR’s founding editor, Luke Adams, has returned to his former post, taking on the same title at our sister NBA site, Hoops Rumors. With Luke returning to the hardwood, I have been elevated under center as the site’s new signal caller. Or, to cut the mawkish sports metaphors: I am the new editor here at Pro Football Rumors.

The entire staff at PFR wishes Luke the best of luck at his new (old?) position and we are extremely grateful for his tremendous leadership and guidance over the last two years and change. Thanks to the foundation that he has built, PFR will continue to serve as the No. 1 site for news and analysis on NFL player movement.

Here’s the latest from around the league:

  • Maverick Carter, who works closely with LeBron James and once managed Johnny Manziel, tells Mark Anthony Green of GQ that he doesn’t regret his association with the former Browns quarterback. “No, I don’t regret it,” Carter said. “I met Johnny and liked him. He obviously was who he was coming out, which is gigantic. I feel like we did a great job with Johnny and helped him a lot. But he was his biggest opponent. He’s a very intelligent guy—he’s just his biggest opponent. Still is. But to this day, if he called me, I’d go help him in a second. So that’s another reason why I can’t regret it: I made relationships with him and his family that’ll probably last a lifetime.”
  • Some say that Connor Cook dropped in the draft due to concerns about his attitude and leadership abilities. However, Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio has been impressed by what he’s seen in those areas so far. “I think he’s been outstanding,” Del Rio said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “He comes in, had a tremendous career and is very humble. Obviously he is intelligent. He asks good questions. He’s got arm talent. It’s a matter of getting familiar [with] what we do and how we do it. . . I think he’s off to a great start.
  • Prospective Bengals tryout performer Antonio Longino likely won’t have an opportunity in Cincinnati after being indicted for tampering and obstruction of justice in a murder investigation, Cleveland19.com reports. The former Arizona State linebacker had a tough upbringing in East Cleveland and was not able to distance himself from that environment as he pursued his NFL dream.

Sam Robinson contributed to this post.

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7 comments on “Extra Points: Editorial Change, Manziel, Cook

  1. JD396

    I’m looking forward to NHL Rumors… glad to see the site is growing. I’ve probably been browsing by regularly about as long as MLBTR has been online, but the last two years or so it’s pretty much become where I get the bulk of my sports news in general… flipping through my threads of interest regularly during the day.

    The whole family of sites is awesome… so thanks to all of you Trade Rumors writers, and keep it up!

    • Zach Links

      Update- Queen City is a nickname for both Cincinnati and Charlotte. I think we both learned something new today


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