Browns Exec: RG3 Not Just Short-Term Option

The Browns signed quarterback Robert Griffin III to a two-year, $15MM deal over the offseason, and while RG3 has been labeled as a “bridge QB” — an option for Cleveland until it can acquire a franchise passer in the draft — executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown views RG3 as part of the Browns’ future. Speaking Friday to reporters, including Mary Kay Cabot of, Brown outlined his vision for Griffin’s time in Cleveland.Robert Griffin III (Vertical)

“To be fair to Robert, he’s young in his career in terms of his development as a quarterback,” said Brown. “We will develop him over time. He’s under contract here two years, but we don’t look at it as certainly just a two-year venture or a week-to-week venture.

“This is something we’re going to have to stick by him, put the right pieces around him and help him learn how to play that position as well. So it’s not a short-term kind of look at him.”

Clearly, Brown has no choice but to exhibit confidence in Griffin at this stage of his Cleveland career, and it’s always possible that the Browns perform much better in 2016 than most observers expect. But Cleveland is likely to finish last in the AFC North — the Football Outsiders’ Almanac gives the Browns a mean win projection of 5.2 wins (last in the NFL) and a 41% chance of winning less than four games. Those totals would entitle Cleveland to a top-five draft pick once again, and it would difficult for the club to pass up on a quarterback.

The Browns do have other signal-callers available on the roster, including veteran Josh McCown and third-round rookie Cody Kessler. But every indication is that RG3 will be given a long leash, as Cleveland isn’t in a position to seriously contend anyway. Even Brown didn’t bristle at the notion that his team is “tanking,” though he may prefer a different term.

“The external noise we know is coming and will be there, whether we’re successful or not and we can’t let that bother us,” said Brown. “That just wouldn’t be part of anything we would embrace or be part of. So I appreciate that folks have not seen a strategy quite like this before, but I’d hardly call it tanking.”

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5 comments on “Browns Exec: RG3 Not Just Short-Term Option

  1. dunham

    lol….. the browns are so stupid. they must not watch this clown when he is in the field!

  2. DarkGhost

    For once Cleveland is going about this the right way. Get a QB like RG3 that will show flashes, keeps the fans interested while still being bad enough to get the top 1-3 pick every year, trade that pick just like last year and turn it in to 4-5 picks, 3 years from now when the Browns have some talent on the roster then focus on getting a franchise QB, doesn’t make sense to go after one now not with this train wreck of a roster, build the team then add the franchise QB later.

  3. tylerall5

    I believe RGIII could do well in Cleveland. Good line, his receivers aren’t spectacular but they’re serviceable. They get another receiver and an RB, the offense could be solid, not amazing, but solid


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