Latest On Jets’ Offer To Dont’a Hightower

The Jets offered linebacker Dont’a Hightower a deal with a maximum value of $62.5MM over five years, but grew reticent after seeing the results of Hightower’s physical, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.Dont'a Hightower (vertical)

While New York didn’t officially drop out of the running for Hightower after the physical was concluded, it essentially ceded negotiations to the Patriots, who re-signed Hightower on a four-year pact worth $35.5MM. For what it’s worth, Albert Breer of (Twitter link) says the Jets did in fact pull their offer to Hightower after his examination.

The base value of the Jets’ proposal was $55MM, reports Rich Cimini of, while the max value could have only been attained had Hightower played in every game and made the Pro Bowl in every year of the duration of the deal. At present, it’s not clear exactly what details of Hightower’s physical bothered the Jets, but as Cimini details, Hightower has dealt with recent knee and shoulder injuries.

Ultimately, Hightower’s Patriots contract will pay him roughly $1.25MM less per year than would the Jets’ offer.

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15 comments on “Latest On Jets’ Offer To Dont’a Hightower

  1. mackows2

    obviously not a math major are we?
    The difference is roughly 2.2 million per year(5/55 vs. 4/35.5), not 1.25. Kinda a big difference, give or take a million.
    im sure you’ll get it next time!

    • theeterps

      No need to be condescending. I wonder if there are some other elements Dallas was taking into consideration.

  2. Beantown

    Yea but with incentives and all that the pats offer if incentives are made its 43.5 mill.but yea I get what ur saying

    • mackows2

      well lucky for you the burger flippers at McD’s or Walmart greeters don’t need math to succeed. You still have a shot at a career.

      • tylerall5

        Lol dude why do you feel the need to put people down? Being mean gets you nowhere in life, remember that.

      • frankthetank1985

        Actually they do need math….just saying. And you kind of need to increase your intelligence a little bit.

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