Broncos Looking To Swap Picks With Giants?

It’s been sounding like the Giants are content to stay at No. 2, but could the team end up trading back?’s Ian Rapoport reports (via Twitter) that the Giants may have a suitor in the Broncos, who are exploring a deal to move up three spots from No. 5. Rapoport notes that a quarterback could be Denver’s target.

When it comes to the Broncos, this is the opposite of what we’ve been hearing. Reports have indicated that Denver could be looking to move back from the fifth pick, and a number of teams have been listed as potential suitors. Another report indicated that the Broncos were only interested in selecting Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold with the selection. The Broncos may fear that those two quarterbacks will be snagged by the Browns and Jets, necessitating a trade. In another tweet, Rapoport says the Broncos could be eyeing Darnold, although general manager John Elway has spent more time with Josh Allen than any other quarterback prospect.

We heard earlier today that the Giants could still deal the second-overall pick. Penn State running back Saquon Barkley and NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb are considered the favorites to be selected by New York, but the lack of clarity out of Cleveland has complicated their game plan.

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4 comments on “Broncos Looking To Swap Picks With Giants?

  1. giantboy99

    This would be a great move depending on compensation…we would still pick up one of the awesome non-quarterbacks

    • Perksy

      I honestly don’t think the depending on compensation would have mattered. Trading down 3 spots, any extra picks acquired would be house money because they still would have gotten one of the big 3 – Barkley, Chubb, Nelson at the no.5 spot.

  2. jn102649

    Is it me or are the broncos getting just as bad as the browns at drafting qb’s

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