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There are four teams that “some believe could show varying levels of interest” in wideout Dez Bryant, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter). This grouping includes the Cardinals, Ravens, Bills, and Packers.

The reporter notes that Arizona’s main issue is related to money, as the team is sitting with little cap room. Kent Somers of AZCentral Sports echoes that sentiment (via Twitter), saying the Cardinals won’t pursue Bryant unless he’s willing to take a lesser contract. On the flip side, Schefter observes that the Ravens still have plenty of space, even after having signed receiver Michael Crabtree. Meanwhile, the Packers could be looking for a big-play wideout to replace Jordy Nelson, while the Bills could be looking for a dynamic receiver to pair with Kelvin Benjamin.

The three-time Pro Bowler was released by Dallas yesterday. No teams have definitively been connected to the 29-year-old, although Bryant indicated that he’d like to play for one of the Cowboys’ NFC East foes.

Let’s take a look at some other notes pertaining to the NFL’s newest star free agent…

  • ESPN’s Mike Triplett believes the Saints could be a “dark horse contender” for Bryant. New Orleans has focused on improving their receiving core, but they missed out on offseason targets like Nelson and tight end Jimmy Graham. The Saints aren’t armed with a lot of salary cap space, so they’re presumably in a similar situation to the Cardinals. However, there’s no denying that Bryant would provide Drew Brees with another impressive target.
  • Bryant was under the impression that some of his teammates and coaches had it out for him, and he believes the lack of support ultimately played a role in his release. “I’m not here to bash anybody, but they know, man,” Bryant told Jane Slater of NFL Network (via Charean Williams of “They know. They know. The way this whole situation got handled, I felt like I asked some of them to be a man about some of the situations a long time ago, and they couldn’t…I won’t put no names out, but they know, and I want them to know on this air I know. I’ll shoot them a text message and let them know. Little do they know is they can wear that ‘C’ [for captain] all they want to, but in that locker room, they know who they run and they talk to. They know who they communicate with. Everybody know where the real love is at, and I’m not throwing anybody under the bus, but that’s the difference between me and them.” Williams notes that last season’s captains were Jason WittenDak PrescottDan BaileyTyrone CrawfordSean Lee and Orlando Scandrick.
  • Meanwhile,’s Todd Archer attributes Bryant’s release to “his falling production and “fiery” personality.” As the reporter notes, the “cracks in the relationship” started earlier this offseason, when Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones criticized the receiver’s sideline outbursts. When you couple the attitude with a drop in production, Archer says organizations will have “a difficult time looking the other way.”
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34 comments on “Latest On Dez Bryant

  1. jeb39999

    I feel like Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, and Kelvin Benjamin are all similar talents and don’t know how effective pairing two of them together might be for a team but maybe it would work. I don’t see the packer investing in an aging veteran receiver after getting rid of one already this offseason. I think a one-year flier by the Patriots seems more likely.

    • willthathrill

      I highly doubt New England will sign him. His attitude alone nobody would put up with.

    • brewcrew08

      Dez will get more than a one year flier. You’re assuming because it’s the patriots he will take less which won’t be the case. Not to mention packers cut an aging vet who had a 10-12M cap hit. Dez won’t get that much on the open market

    • crosseyedlemon

      No grassy knoll in the stadium so Dez will have to place the shooter that was out to get him behind the Gatorade stand.

  2. willthathrill

    I love how he says everyones out for him, yet he was the problem! Drop in production, sideline outbursts, and just a cry baby on and off the field. Maybe if he actually produced and wasnt such a drama queen he wouldnt of got cut. Now he can go be a cry baby for someone else.

  3. terror661

    Shanahan could use him in a million ways. But I’m happy they are choosing to stay away.

  4. afsooner02

    I just can’t see GB signing him…..can’t imagine they wanna deal with the drama.

  5. brewpackbuckbadg

    How much did they pay Andre Rison compared to the rest of the team back when the won the Superbowl with Farve? I know it is a different front office and you might say it is not a championship level team either but similar drama players for Dez and Andre.

    • HailRodgers12

      They picked up Rison mid-season after basically every wr on the roster was injured, and everyone knew (except Andre it seems) he wasn’t going to stick beyond that season.
      The current roster includes Adams, Cobb, Allison, Davis (if they don’t cut him or he’s not suspended/in jail for being a total bonehead), Montgomery, Graham and Kendricks as available pass catchers. It may not look like a great collection of talent, but it’s only April..and they’ll have 12 throwing them the ball.

      • twentyforty

        You’re simply dreaming if you think that collection of misfits…after Adams, Cobb and Graham…is even league average.

        • HailRodgers12

          Nevermimd that I was comparing the current pass catchers to the absolute nothing GB had (beyond Chmura and Keith Jackson) when Ron Wolf picked up Rison off the scrap heap, mid-season…
          Or that I never said the current bunch was above league average.
          The point is, it’s extremely unlikely under any circumstances, in my opinion, that GB wants anything to do with Dez, when training camp opens, mid-season, or on Christmas.

  6. CowboysoldierFTW

    Dez isn’t really a bad guy. He’s mom was a crackhead and he just never received the guidance he needed. He just has some growing up to do.

    • HailRodgers12

      He’s 29. And didn’t Jerry, and to a lesser extent, Romo try to give him some guidance? Or was it coddling and excuse making..?

    • Dodgethis

      If his mom was a crackhead and used during pregnancy he doesn’t stand a chance. He will never learn or grow up because he’s not physically capable of doing so. Drugs, especially narcotics and alcohol fry the brain and permantly stunt development. Look up drug exposure and fetal alcohol syndrome. No amount of guidance or help or warm fuzzy fealomgs will change who this person is. There are millions of people to which this applies.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Among those millions you mention are many who compete in the Special Olympics and are enriched by that experience. I doubt you were directing any of this negativity towards them but sometimes it’s better to be more sensitive. Sports and games are for everyone regardless of their maturity level.

    • Dez had some serious issues with Dak Prescott from what I remember. Not throwing the ball often enough to him or well enough to him.

      Much better relationship and productivity with Romo. Prescott is nothing like the passer Romo was (he is a sturdy game manager who belongs to the middle tier of NFL quarterbacks).

  7. mgrap84

    The fact he really wants to stay in the division makes you think that he is going to the Redskins or Giants. I think skins because Philly has no money and one pain in the ass in Bennett and Giants already have a drama queen in OBJ. I mean the Skins have Norman but Skins are known for signing people and not caring how they act. I think the Niners would be someone to watch out for and i wouldn’t count out the Pats. I think Bill B would get his butt in gear and get the best out of him. I mean look at what Moss did.

    • The Redskins don’t want Dez. We already picked our expensive Cowboy castoff of the year for 2018, Orlando Scandrick. The safe is empty.

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