Browns Open To Extending QB Tyrod Taylor

Despite using the first overall pick on quarterback Baker Mayfield, the Browns are open to extending the contract of fellow signal-caller Tyrod Taylor, who is entering the final year of his current deal, as general manager John Dorsey explained to Kevin Clark of The Ringer.

“I just want to see Tyrod do what he’s done in the past,” Dorsey said. “He’s a natural born leader. He’s had an excellent camp so far. I want to see it unfold. There may come a point here where I call his representatives in October and say, ‘Let’s strike something up.’”

Cleveland has been adamant that Taylor will open the 2018 campaign as the club’s starting quarterback, but Mayfield is clearly viewed as the franchise’s long-term option under center. When asked if being forced to extend Taylor would cast doubt on Mayfield’s future, Dorsey answered “Nah, let’s deal with it when it happens.”

Taylor, who turned 29 years old on Friday, would surely be searching for starting quarterback money on any extension. He’s currently set to collect $16MM in total from the Browns during the upcoming season, and it’s difficult to imagine Cleveland paying two passers double-digit annual salaries, even though Mayfield’s earnings will be suppressed by the NFL’s rookie slotting system.

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11 comments on “Browns Open To Extending QB Tyrod Taylor

  1. afsooner02

    Makes sense, Baker will need a good backup and Tyler won’t get another starting job after this season.

    • crosseyedlemon

      As the article mentioned, Taylor is not going to accept the salary of a backup guy. I can think of at least 2 teams that would have an interest in him as a starter. The Cardinals are rolling the dice on Bradford who can never stay healthy and the Dolphins were so desperate they were thinking of retaining Jay Cutler.

      • bradthebluefish

        Dolphins QB situation isn’t great. I agree. But the Cardinals have a first round QB being groomed by Sam Bradford and company.

        • crosseyedlemon

          The Cardinals track record developing first round QBs is simply dismal. Steve Pisarkiewicz, Kelly Stouffer, Matt Leinart were busts. Namath doesn’t count because he opted to play for the Jets.

  2. dust44

    I don’t like it. The browns r in a spot where they should get a late round QB the next couple years and find a young backup to develop behind Mayfield. When Mayfield is ready. I actually do think the Browns finally have a real franchise QB in Mayfield. Don’t know if he’s upper echelon. But Dalton isn’t either and he’s going to start for 10+ years in Cincy and make good money. And Flacco isn’t either, and Ben will retire in the next 3-4 years. Mayfield may actually b the best QB in that division in 5 years

    • elcarim_23

      It’s reassuring to have a quality QB to back up a young gun with supposedly high potential (wasn’t the biggest fan out the draft on Mayfield but I’m keeping an open mind) plus you can still get that late round Qb depending on the roster and depth at the time.

  3. Michael Chaney

    If Tyrod plays well and signs an extension and Baker keeps developing, that’s a good problem to have. If they’re lucky enough to end up in that spot, they can worry about it then but until it happens it’s no big deal. It’s been 25 years since they’ve had one good QB, let alone two.

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