Dez Bryant Says He’ll Visit Browns

Browns general manager John Dorsey said earlier today that he can’t reach Dez Bryant in order to set up a visit, but the veteran wideout is now indicating he will in fact meet with Cleveland. “Starting my visits next week…I’m coming to the Land to see you Mr Dorsey,” Bryant tweeted on Thursday night.

While the Browns have been intrigued by Bryant for some time, Bryant’s willingness to play for Cleveland had been in doubt. Bryant simply tweeting that he’ll meet with the Browns next week certainly doesn’t make the prospective visit official, but if he’s willing to sit down with Dorsey & Co., there’s no real reason why a meeting wouldn’t occur.

Cleveland is in need of help at the wide receiver position: not only is the club waiting for Josh Gordon to return to practice (he’s currently dealing with off-field issues), but it just traded presumptive starter Corey Coleman to the Bills on Sunday. At this point, the Browns are planning to start Jarvis Landry and rookie wideout Antonio Callaway in two-wide sets.

Bryant, 29, certainly comes with risk, as he hasn’t topped 1,000 yards receiving since 2014, while his 12.1 yards per reception in 2017 was the lowest average of his career. But he can still post up opposing defensive backs near the end zone, and would be a tantalizing option for most quarterbacks. Recently, Bryant has expressed interest in signing with the 49ers, while Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report indicated that league insiders’ “best guess” is that Bryant will land with San Francisco.

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24 comments on “Dez Bryant Says He’ll Visit Browns

  1. justreading

    I am sure landry is not happy about this!
    and Gordon is waiting for the drugs to get out of his system in rehab where he can not get tested or cut
    the browns!

  2. CursedRangers

    Starting my visits….

    Should be singular not plural. Drama queen hasn’t had any interest until the Browns. Thought he could pick his team. Then thought he could pick his division. Then thought he could pick a competitive team. Then reality sets in, and the only option is the Browns. So fitting…

  3. playicy

    He doesn’t fit the browns, because he is a thug but a good player if he doesn’t whine like a baby

    • jkoms57

      If you said the opposite of everything you just posted, then youd be 100% correct

      • playicy

        He fits the Steelers, ravens and raiders, because he is a thug( low life if you don’t understand thug) character, but a very good player if he would just play and not have terrible relationship with his quarterback!

        • Patrick N.

          Your further explanation doesn’t help atone for your awful typing, dude.

          Dude is a low life? Really? Check out his charity work. Ignorant.

          • playicy

            He doesn’t have any charity and I guess your from Dallas and prove those facts to me, right! I’m not ignorant just giving you fact you ungrateful punk

            • Patrick N.

              1) Never said he had a charity, said he did charity work you illiterate prick.

              2) People from Dallas hate Bryant. Showing your ignorance again.

              3) All you have to do to be proven wrong about his charity work is to google “Dez Bryant Charity Work” and you will literally be presented with articles from legitimate news media.

              4) You’re*

              You are completely ignorant. You didn’t even give a fact. You said Dez Bryant is a thug, despite him not doing anything illegal, not being involved in gangs, and despite his charity work. Why would I be grateful for you doing nothing besides saying that Bryant is a thug?

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