Jaguars Suspend Jalen Ramsey, Dante Fowler

The Jaguars suspended star cornerback Jalen Ramsey for a week, reports Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link). Michael DiRocco of ESPN soon posted in a follow-up tweet that defensive end Dante Fowler was being suspended as well (Twitter link). 

According to Rapoport, Ramsey’s suspension was for “going after local media for what he believes is unfair treatment of his teammates especially Dante Fowler.” Adam Schefter of ESPN soon added in a tweet that the official reasoning was “violating team rules and conduct unbecoming of a Jaguars’ football player.”

The suspension seems to stem from a series of tweets that Ramsey posted earlier, attacking media members for their criticism of Fowler. Fowler’s suspension was apparently unrelated, as he was suspended for “fighting and violation of team rules” according to Schefter (Twitter link).

With the suspensions, Ramsey and Fowler will miss the next week of practices and the team’s second preseason game on Saturday against the Vikings. While they won’t miss any regular season time, it’s still a big deal. It’s very rare to see a team suspend one of it’s top players like this, and it’ll be interesting to see how the locker room responds.


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8 comments on “Jaguars Suspend Jalen Ramsey, Dante Fowler

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    Wow. Suspended for a pre-season game. That sure is some bold discipline on the part of the Jags. Is the fine in Monopoly money, too?

    • kenneth cole

      Yup, they also told them they couldn’t stay up past midnight this entire week! Basically the equivalent of black dolphin prison in Russia

    • Thronson5

      Don’t really think he should be punished at all anyways. He called out local media. Who cares. This world has turned into a bunch of pansies where you can’t say anything without everyone getting offended and feeling entitled. Freedom of speech? Yea if you feel like being crucified for how you feel lol. This punishment might not seem like a lot to you and i agree it’s not much of a punishment at all but to punish someone for tweeting how they fee is ridiculous anyways.

      • captainsalty

        Agreed it seems like just a run of the mill thing but maybe these young players need to get a lesson in being professional and acting accordingly. I’m a fan of the move, hopefully it sinks in to them what is expected of them as a professional athlete and the example they need to set.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Media are part of a business relationship with the NFL that make it a billion dollar industry. If you were acting aggressively towards co-workers in your business you would be reprimanded as well. I guess we should all bare knuckle box to settle everything with true grit. Let me guess, MAGA?, am I right?

    • There’s plenty of teams that likely don’t even issue a fine, let alone suspend, their players for these type of pre-season issues. Its not like an actual regular season game suspension would be justifiable for a media outburst and some pushing between two teammates. I mean its a rather insignificant punishment but its meant to serve as Marrone/Coughlin’s no-tolerance policy. It’s meant to keep the players in line showing that anyone, even the star DB, is subject to consequences. Even if you go back to last season this isn’t anything new. The team suspended Fournette for a week for a violation of team rules. Most other teams would probably issue a fine or some other insignificant penalty rather than suspend one of their better players in the midst of a playoff hunt.

  2. roddy1018

    How I long for the days of old where NFL need was about players performance on the field. Getting out of hand for as much money is wrapped up in it.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    You can’t fault the coaches here. Every team has (or should have) veteran leaders who are suppose to mentor younger players on various things, including how to deal with the annoying media hacks. Ramsay will score some points in the locker room for defending his teammates but his actions exposed him as a player lacking maturity and opposing teams will now try to exploit that to their own advantage.

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