Jets Mulling Teddy Bridgewater Trade

The Jets would be willing to trade Teddy Bridgewater for the right price, Manish Mehta of the Daily News hears. However, there are some executives in the Jets’ front office that aren’t sold on the idea of moving the backup quarterback. 

Sam Darnold figures to start in the Jets’ preseason game against the Redskins on Thursday night, a sign that they are confident in the rookie’s abilities. If he continues to impress, Darnold could wind up as the starter with Josh McCown on hand to serve as insurance. That leaves Bridgewater, who is on a one-year contract, without much of a role for Gang Green.

Still, the Jets face the Lions, Dolphins and Browns in the first eleven days of the season, and some believe that starting Darnold in that accelerated three-game set could be scarring for the rookie. In theory, Bridgewater could start instead, giving Darnold a chance to take over when the schedule resumes its normal pace. There’s also the fact that Bridgewater is well-liked in the Meadowlands – he has received rave reviews about his demeanor as well as his on-field performance.

If the Jets wind up dangling Bridgewater, they’ll have to find a way to get him on the field more in the preseason. Rival executives that spoke with Mehta say that they want to see more from the QB after he completed 7-of-8 passes in last week’s contest.

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16 comments on “Jets Mulling Teddy Bridgewater Trade

  1. SlPkNtJP

    Jets trade Bridgewater… Sam Darnold gets popped it start throwing it to the other team and You got the senior citizen to save your season. Typical Jet move

  2. connfyoozed

    It’s a bit of a predicament. They want to see Darnold, but they also need to know if Bridgewater is the same QB he was before, and if not whether he can help or not. Not that anyone should care what I think, but is keep Teddy around. You can’t have too many quarterbacks who can play a little, because there isn’t going to be anyone else better available later.

    • crosseyedlemon

      More of less what I would have said. In any given season your going to find at least 5 or 6 teams that are forced by injury or ineffective play to go three deep on their QB depth chart. Do the Jets want to part with Teddy and later find themselves having to fill that vacancy with someone like Geno Smith? I don’t think so.

  3. ffjsisk

    Just start the best guy end keep the other two as backups. Doesn’t really seem that difficult. I suspect if he’s healthy Bridgewater is the best of the bunch, Mckown at 39 is probably just around to help Darnold in the qb room. If TB struggles or the season gets lost, start Sam.

  4. Dkaner

    Teddy was one of those guys that the league thought he was just going to be a really good QB but injuries have just snake pit him & no one knows if he can last a season. They are better off trading him if they can get a 3rd or 4th round pick.

  5. justreading

    I would keep all 3qb’s until at least the nfl trade deadline in October (week 6?) or all year if you have to – jets should not be giving up any qb that could potentially be good without knowing 100% what they have

  6. king beas

    Trade him if the plan is to start darnold it’s also not a plan to make the playoffs. Start Sam suck and get him a left tackle or wr

    • crosseyedlemon

      11 games in 3 days would be a typo. Back in the 50s players played both offense and defense so today’s athletes have it pretty good.

  7. Armaday

    They have to wait for another team to lose a QB. In desperation, they may get a good price.

  8. Thought the Eagles were a good fit until they kept Foles and fell in love with Sudfeld. If they could flip Foles and bring in Teddy that would be good scheme wise, but I can see someone like Carolina trying to bring him in cheap. Maybe Dallas should kick the tires.

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