Browns To Release Josh Gordon

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport of NFL Network has details via Twitter on the release, reporting that Gordon was late to the team’s facility today and that it was an “overall trust issue for a player already on thin ice.” Mary Kay Cabot of reports Gordon was “not himself” when he showed up to the facility and “there was concern that perhaps he had relapsed and was struggling with his substance use again.”

The Browns will release receiver Josh Gordon on Monday the team announced today (Twitter link).

It’s an absolutely stunning move and one that will send shockwaves across the league as the team has previously stuck with Gordon through everything. He’s battled a hamstring injury since he returned to the team earlier this summer, but had a touchdown catch in their Week 1 opener. The Browns’ statement, from GM John Dorsey, reads as follows:

“For the past six years, the Browns have fully supported and invested in Josh, both personally and professionally and wanted the best for him, but unfortunately we’ve reached a point where we feel it’s best to part ways and move forward. We wish Josh well.”

It was announced earlier today that the Gordon would miss the Browns’ Week 2 game against the Saints with a hamstring injury, although that now appears to have been made up. It always seemed fishy since he had practiced fully each day this week.

Kay Cabot’s reporting indicates the Browns thought he had relapsed and showed up to the facility under the influence. Whatever it was, they’ve kept him on the roster through multiple suspensions and substance abuse related absences before so it must’ve been deemed pretty serious.

Gordon will finish his career in Cleveland with 180 catches for 3106 yards and 16 touchdowns. Overall, it’s a sad day as it seemed Gordon had finally gotten his life back on track and was in a good place with the Browns.

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35 comments on “Browns To Release Josh Gordon

  1. of9376

    I’m suspecting that he had another positive test and is due for suspension.

  2. kenneth cole

    Somebody’s gonna take a chance on him. He led the league in receiving despite being suspended and having Weeden, Hoyer, and Campbell as his QB.

  3. CubsRule08

    So after all these years of drug related suspensions and being by his side, they release him because he was late to one practice? Something isn’t adding up.

  4. elscorcho the marlin
    elscorcho the marlin

    Any team could use him. Surprised the browns went this route. Hope the dolphins pick him up

  5. No way it’s because he was late to a meeting. As a browns fan, I acknowledge the browns have given him multiple opportunities, but Gordon is the best WR they had. And if he’s eligible to play, play him because he’s worth the headache. Even if it’s never ending.

  6. Brandon Hawkins

    I would say Ravens try. But – We have a decent group of WRs. None that have the talent of Gordon, but our 3 top guys also haven’t missed a thousand games. I will say I was one of the many believers that Gordon was gonna turn around and focus on football. I’m not an expert, but just sounds like the release was just bc he didn’t show up today and that was the final straw. Kinda odd even so considering everything else they were behind him for.

  7. alski353

    Ugh. To bad. IF it is a relapse, and he’s been hiding it then there is really nothing left for the Browns to do. At this point, it’s what those in the addiction recovery world refer to as ‘Enabling.’ Absolute bottom seems to be coming.

  8. dalton2green22

    Jeez all these anti brown comments, they stuck with him thru thick and thin. Must be young people hating on browns. There age has no since of responsibility. It’s everyone else’s fault. Next will be that the browns are racists.

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