Seahawks Not Interested In Dez Bryant?

It doesn’t sound like Doug Baldwin‘s partial MCL tear will lead the Seahawks to sign Dez Bryant. When asked about the ex-Cowboys receiver, head coach Pete Carroll told reporters that he “like(s) the guys they have,” (Twitter link via Mike Vorel of The Seattle Times). 

Through two weeks, previously unknown tight end Will Dissly leads the Seahawks in receiving yards and touchdowns. Meanwhile, receivers Tyler Lockett and Brandon Marshall haven’t exactly set the world on fire. Still, Carroll isn’t panicking, and he apparently is not itching to add Bryant to the fold.

The Seahawks are clearly missing Baldwin, but they’re also facing bigger issues than their receiving personnel. Through two games, the Seahawks’ offensive line has been porous and unable to give Russell Wilson sufficient time in the pocket. On top of that, running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny have been unable to keep opposing defenses honest. Arguably, fixing those issues and getting Jaron Brown more involved in the offense would have a larger impact on the Seahawks’ passing offense than signing Bryant.

It’s hard to forecast Bryant’s future destination, but we can pretty much scratch a Cowboys reunion off of the list.

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25 comments on “Seahawks Not Interested In Dez Bryant?

      • Seahawks could certainly win the game as the Cowboys offense is 30th in the league. You can be certain, however, that Russell Wilson is going to look like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Revenant by the time the Cowboys defense is done with him.

    • Mr. Richard Smoker

      both teams are mediocre at best. gonna win a few upsets and going to have disappointing losses. 2 middle of the pack teams no one really cares about except both fan bases.

      • “No one” quite understands how good the Cowboys defense is YET. I’ve played at the collegiate level, coached high school ball and watched football since the 60’s. It passes the trained eye test and will be recognized by the “no ones” soon.

          • Simply saying I know more about football than you. Grab some Doritos and a beer, pull up a chair and watch the game on Sunday. After about a quarter and a half you’ll mutter to yourself, “self, that know it all was right”.

            • jimiez

              But than again in that (22:00 minuets) watching it a lot of ppl who are home, would most likely
              Turn another game on
              Go get more beer so they can get through the whole game
              Or, simply take a nap.
              #Both Teams Suck #Not America’s Team

          • All CIF, set my school career reception record (since beaten) but never EVER scored 4 Td in a single game. Thanks for asking Ironman. You’re very thoughtful.

  1. ahale224

    I feel like the skill sets of Dez and Marshall are pretty comparable at this point, not sure why they’d want him unless Marshall gets injured.

  2. manateebigdoh

    Predicting a 5-11 season for hawks.
    Should go ahead and trade Thomas to Cowboys at halftime and get something back

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I don’t understand why the Cardinals don’t make Dez an offer. Their offense is pitching a shutout. It’s a travesty that future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald is going to have no impact unless the Redbirds get another weapon at wideout.

    • Dez can still play and would make a fine complimentary receiver. His problem has been he’s lost a step and can no longer separate from elite cornerbacks. He’d perform just fine opposite a #1 guy absorbing the opposition’s shut down cb. Problem is I’m not sure Dez has been disciplined enough to remain in game shape on his own. It’s doubtful he’d be ready to play anytime soon.

    • ray_derek

      I doubt there’d be any interest by either party. Dez doesn’t want to part of a rebuild and if you’re rebuilding the last type of a receiver you need is a me first one.

  4. jimiez

    @ mr Left. I see your a Cowboy fan. That’s great in all,but since you know Football so much.
    Have a Trivia question for you. How did the Cowboys get the “America’s Team” slogan ?
    If u answer Tom Laundry or Ed Too Tall,Tony Dorsett. Those are all wrong.

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