Jaguars Planning London Move?

Could the Jaguars turn their one yearly game in London to a full-fledged move? That’s the master plan, according to a former employee of owner Shad Khan

Former assistant director of football Craig Kline alleges that Khan told him to keep quiet over his plans to buy Wembley Stadium and move the Jaguars to London in 2022. (via The Telegraph). Khan is on the verge of purchasing the iconic stadium for $792.5MM, but the club denies any planned move.

This is nothing more than the same ongoing nonsense and bogus claims made by a former employee who left the club in 2017. Nothing here merits a further response,” Khan spokesman Jim Woodcock said.

Meanwhile, a separate report from the Daily Mail suggests that Khan is exploring a scenario in which the Jaguars play their home games in London, but remain based out of Jacksonville for tax purposes. The workaround, in theory, would allow Khan and his players to avoid pricey UK taxes.

Even if that is true, it’s far from certain that the NFL, the state of Florida, and the city of Jacksonville would be on board with the proposal. Finances aside, the idea of a team playing eight games in London – or even four – would present a logistical travel nightmare for the teams playing against the Jaguars.

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26 comments on “Jaguars Planning London Move?

  1. playicy

    I called that all along because I can u play their every year and no one comes to ur home games, but everybody loves and wants to see u overseas, so I say go where you’ll make money and that’s not Jacksonville

    • ThePriceWasRight

      unfortunately the NFL isn’t just Mr. Khan. I’m sure some owners would take issue with the travel and insurance increases. It’s possible they could get 2 games but that would be the max I can see. also wonder if players will avoid going there as FAs of they don’t want to play their gsmes oversees every year.

      • Vedder80

        The NFL and it’s owners have shown they want money and couldn’t care less who gets screwed for them to get it. Opening Europe, a huge market, to the NFL as more than just a small exhibition would bring in more than enough money to justify the increased travel insurance expenses. The players union would likely object, but they have also shown that time and time again they are a joke and can’t negotiate with the owners.

    • mrpadre19

      “No one comes to your home games”?
      WTF are you talking about?
      Please enlighten us….when was the last time the Jags were last in attendance?
      Even when they went thru 10 straight horrific seasons they weren’t at the bottom in attendance.
      Quit being lazy and do some research.

      • Merkin

        I never post on any of these boards but felt I needed to correct you on attendance for the Jags. Over the last ten years they have been in the bottom half of attendance, I can remember them covering the top half of the stadium with tarps to avoid blackouts. If you look at the records on ESPN there are two years in the past ten where they are right near the bottom. Mrpadre must be from jackonsville or a die hard fan to be completely blind to the fact they have primarily been a bottom feeder team until the last couple of years.

  2. madmanTX

    Only if they change their name to the London Beefeaters and use a crazed King George III as their mascot.

  3. Don’t the NFL owners have to approve this too? This is a long shot, but I wouldn’t put it past Khan. He seems to want to be an International franchise. Or move the franchise elsewhere at the very least.

    • WazBazbo

      Yes, it takes 24 of the 32 owners to approve any sort of franchise relocation. I can’t imagine Khan could get that. Even if he somehow could, the idea of playing in London while “based out of Jacksonville” can’t be anywhere near legal. Can’t EVEN imagine the NFL would want to open that can of worms.

    • mrpadre19

      “Or move the franchise elsewhere at the very least”

      Based on what exactly?
      The 10’s of millions of his own money he’s poured into the current stadium?
      The largest video boards in the world he bought for Jacksonville’s stadium?
      The plans he’s proposed to spend “billions” developing downtown “around the stadium”?
      Please……if you’re going to say something like this please explain what he’s done or said to make you believe he wants to move…..”at the very least”.

    • tiredolddude

      And Khan is yelling back, “A move to London is a dish best served cold”

  4. Kenleyfornia74

    The players already hate going to London. Moving there full time would be a terrible decision. You wont attract any big free agents and the scheduling would be extremley difficult with MNF TNF and the usual bye week after London

  5. Jack0207

    The Owners want this. They want to be in London. The owners do not want a expansion team because they do not want to split revenue with 33 or 34 teams. They would rather move a small market team to London.

    • Dwalt

      Agree 100% London is the next step, they just gotta make sure the money is right and it will be approved.

  6. CowboysoldierFTW

    The lawsuits that the state would bring forth would tie up a move forever.

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