Broncos Plan To Fire Vance Joseph

The Broncos are planning to fire head coach Vance Joseph at the end of the season, a league source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Joseph has been rumored to be on the hot seat since last year, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. 

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Joseph was given a reprieve last year, but GM John Elway considered ousting him after just one season. Reportedly, Elway approached team ownership with the idea of bringing back Mike Shanahan, but Elway was instructed to either conduct a head coaching search that would not include Shanahan or give Joseph another shot with a better quarterback.

The Broncos went out and upgraded the quarterback position considerably – or, at least, they thought they did. Case Keenum has thrown for just 15 touchdowns against 12 interceptions in his first season with Denver and his 62.1% completion percentage is way behind his 67.6% posting last year with the Vikings.

The Broncos are tied to Keenum through 2019 thanks to his two-year, $36MM contract, but they apparently have no qualms about cutting of Joseph’s deal, which runs through 2021. The Broncos are 6-8 heading into their final two games and changes clearly need to be made.

In other Broncos news, the team placed star cornerback Chris Harris on injured reserve this week.

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9 comments on “Broncos Plan To Fire Vance Joseph

  1. fathead

    they are the 3rd best team in that division no matter who they bring into coach or QB…not Vance’s fault

  2. bradthebluefish

    Too many players and coaches in the Broncos could be better. That’s what’s hard to watch the Broncos. Lots of potential but no one performing as they should.

  3. Ironman_4life

    Wait until there new 28 year old female owner takes over. I would fire John Elway first. How can one of the best quarterbacks ever be such a horrible evaluator of quarterbacks?

  4. WazBazbo

    I know things pile up and all… but if a QB throws 45 passes a game, the difference between a 62.1% and a and a 67.6% completion percentage is two passes per game. Terrible stat for evaluating a QB.

  5. sheacrazies

    He’s a great coach . He’ll end up with another head coaching gig some day

    • maxorange33

      Great Coach?!? He’s lost the locker room, if he ever had it, and exudes confusion and panic to the players. He did guide the Dolphins defense to 18th in the league before his Bronco gig though.

  6. Bubba

    Great Coach?? McCarthy?? Bahaha. I wouldn’t let him take my duck to water. The best QB and 1 title? I don’t want to hear about supporting cast. They should of lit it up for at least 5 years.

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