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Alex Smith‘s future in the NFL remains uncertain, and the 14th-year quarterback continues to undergo surgical procedures.

A report earlier this week indicated Smith was dealing with an infection, which stemmed from his broken leg puncturing skin. But the 34-year-old passer had another operation done to remove implants inserted into his leg, and Mike Garafolo of reports (video link) the infection caused this latest surgery.

Since suffering a gruesome leg injury, Smith has undergone nearly six surgeries, Garafolo reports. However, the former No. 1 overall pick remains optimistic about resuming his career.

Initially, Smith was facing a six- to eight-month recovery timetable. That would have put him on track to return in time for the Redskins’ 2019 training camp. The latest news appears to amend that rehab timeline, and Smith’s 2019 season could be in jeopardy. The former 49ers and Chiefs quarterback is signed through the 2022 season, with ’19 being the first year on his latest extension. Washington guaranteed Smith $55MM at signing.

The 6-6 Redskins have gone from a Smith-Colt McCoy depth chart to Mark SanchezJosh Johnson. McCoy suffered a fractured fibula but is under contract in 2019, unlike the in-season injury replacements.

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22 comments on “Latest On Alex Smith

  1. sportsfan101

    How does one have nearly 6 surgeries? Either you have a surgery or you don’t… it’s either 5 or 6 surgeries here folks.

  2. It’s a shame, but at his age and this injury, it’s unlikely he ever plays another down in the NFL.

      • blackandteal

        We’re in the age where hitting QBs is frowned upon, prolonging careers. He’s only 34, even if he misses next season, he could still crank out 2-3 seasons.

          • kahnkobra

            if he’s cleared to return and he chooses to retire, he would forfeit the money

            • There’s absolutely no way any doctor apart from a Redskins shill would order Smith into practice next year based on his injuries. The first time Smith could be ordered to report/play would be in 2020. Even then his doctor could be giving non-contact advice with returning to full contact and games in 2021.

              There’s no easy out here for the Redskins on that guaranteed money. It was a silly contract and they shouldn’t have written/signed it.

          • grizzled sports vet

            And one more reason there shouldn’t be guaranteed contracts in sports…

        • At 35, a man’s body recovers more slowly from injury than in his twenties.

          If he’s out long enough, Smith won’t be able to rebuild enough speed and strength to play his game. Smith is a mobile quarterback like Aaron Rogers not a pocket quarterback like Brady. If he doesn’t have great wheels, Alex Smith can’t play well enough to justify the risk to life and limb for both him or the Redskins.

          Alex Smith is a smart guy and a great QB mentor. He’d be better served to become a QB coach than risk his ability to walk by playing again. It’s up to the Redskins and Smith to settle. Instead of $71 million, something like $55 million or $60 million. With the greedy agents involved in deals like this, it might be difficult.

          The Redskins could make Alex Smith head coach or GM for 10 years at a high salary and have a better chance of winning – if he would just retire and not require paying out his contract. That’s what I would do if I was the owner.

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