Le’Veon Bell Targeting Colts

The Jets are believed to be targeting Le’Veon Bell this offseason, but he has his eyes on the Colts, Ralph Vacchiano of SNY hears. It’s a situation that is all too familiar for the Jets who tried, and failed, to land the most coveted free agent in offseason’s class. 

The source, who has spoken to Bell, said the running back hasn’t ruled out the Jets or any other team, but the Colts are at “the top of his list” because of Andrew Luck and the team’s cap room that could exceed $120MM.

He has his eyes on the Colts, no doubt about that,” the source said. “He sees Luck and that offense and all that cap room and they’re much closer than the Jets. He wants to go someplace he can win right away.”

Last year, the Jets went hard after Kirk Cousins, despite rumblings that they were just being used for leverage against better football teams. Ultimately, that may have been the case – the Jets offered a three-year, $90MM deal to the QB, but he took $6MM less to sign with the Vikings. Whether they would have been better off with Cousins is another matter, but it’s clear that the Jets have issues when it comes to landing top free agents.

Meanwhile, the Colts’ level of interest in Bell is not immediately clear. They’d surely like to have him, but There’s no guarantee that they’ll offer him the historic contract he seeks.

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37 comments on “Le’Veon Bell Targeting Colts

  1. 13morg13

    So he likes the colts because they have the projected most cap space. So he likes them if they overpay. Got it

    • Begamin

      More like he knows the team is good right now and the 130M projected cap space means they can acquire him and a bunch more and get exponentially better. Lets not forget the Colts have two 2nd rounders this year and a good o-line. Theres a lot of reason to think the Colts are in line to be very good next season.

      Got it.

  2. dray16

    go to Chicago, he fits that offense a lot better than Howard. Howard is a good back, but as most can see in 2018 he doesn’t fit well in Nagy’s offense. I’d be shocked if the Bears don’t make an attempt to get Bell in a Bears uniform.

    • captainsalty

      Not with that Mack contract and Trubisky looking like he might need to be locked up on a year or two

    • mattpatricia

      Well go ahead and be shocked now. It’s not going to happen because of what he said ^^

    • Ronk325

      The Bears have no use for Bell since they already Have Cohen who is an elite pass catching RB

      • dray16

        if you think there is no need for him becuase of cohen that’s a pretty dumb comparison, Bell and cohen have nothing in common. to suggest bell is nothing more than a pass catching RB is asinine. Trubisky will need to be locked up, but not until after 2020, Bell isn’t getting a long term deal unless someone overpays. He’s not getting 5 years as a RB who sat out in 2018. chicago has a lot of cap space, to not make an attempt to get one of the best, if not best RBs in the league would just flat out be stupid.

        • theeterps

          He didn’t say Bell and Cohen are the same or that Bell is nothing more than a pass catching RB. He just made the obviously correct point that signing Bell would be a waste of cap space because they already have a terrific pass catching RB in Cohen and a solid between the tackles RB in Howard.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Chicago has a lot of cap space? They currently rank 25th for 2019 with about 20MM. That is nowhere near the Colts projected amount of 122MM.

  3. frankthetank1985

    He is another idiot. Let his team down this year. Selfish person that could have done things differently to help himself and team. He will be a headache wherever he ends up.

    • GuruGray

      I’m a huge Steelers fan. have been for 20 years and I don’t feel this way at all. He was looking out for his best interest, because the Steelers weren’t going to. If you aren’t going to look out for yourself then who will? I hope he goes to Indy, because that would be a perfect fit with Luck and I hope him all the best in life and football

      • deal1122

        I wished him the best until he decided he wasn’t going to let anyone know of his plans. I get if you want to sit out the season to preserve your long term health, but the least he could’ve done was at least make his intentions clear rather than making the Steelers play the guessing game for 12 weeks.

        • JJB0811

          I think he was clear of his intentions. Last season he sat out until week 1 dealing w/ the tag. And said many times he doesn’t want another tag; Pit tagged him. They knew he would sit, he did the previous year.

          For him to have to say ‘I’ll sit out the entire year if I don’t get a multiyear deal’ is absurd. No team does that, in any pro league.

          • theeterps

            Yes his intentions were very clear in saying that 2018 would be his best season yet.

            • JJB0811

              Cleveland sign RB Hyde to a 3 year deal this past offseason. Then traded him to the Jags at the deadline. Why no outrage against that?

        • Dodgethis

          It was the sports media that refused to accept bells plan. They tried to shame him into playing, and failed. And some fans were fooled.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Most of what the Steelers said during the holdout was just to appease fans and keep them hopeful. The Steelers were never in any guessing game because they had decided to move on without him as soon as he was a no show at training camp.

  4. JJB0811

    They have no clue as to where he wants to go. All offseason every media reported what week he’ll sign; week 1, 4, 8; whatever those dates were. And he never even set foot at Steeler’s HQ.

  5. jacobsigel1025

    Marlon Mack is doing just fine at running back I’d definitely spend the money elsewhere. Get Luck better receivers to compliment Hilton and get him secondary help

    • JJB0811

      I couldn’t agree more. Grab another back in the 3rd-5th rounds and rotate them. Filling up 8-10% of your cap space on a RB for 4 years just isn’t good business.

  6. carlos15

    He’ll play for the Toronto Argonauts next year if they’ll give him 2 nickels more than any other team.

    • GuruGray

      Which is exactly what he should do. Get that generational wealth that can change your families lives. It’s a job after all

  7. Phattey

    It’d be cool if the packers signed him .. but we don’t ever spend money so yea ..

    • twentyforty

      They spent plenty this offseason and got next to nothing in return. Free agency is always foolish.

    • theeterps

      Aaron Jones is an incredibly effective RB. The Packers, like the Steelers, are too smart to waste that kind of money on a RB. Conner and Samuels proved that it has a lot more to do with the system, offensive line, QB and other offensive threats (Brown, JuJu) than Le’Veon would like everyone to think.

  8. Chris

    No good team is going to give him the contract he wants. It makes no sense financially to do so

  9. dcahen

    No way the Colts sign Bell because; he is a malcontent; he doesn’t fit Chris Ballard’s plan on how to build a team; the Colts are fine without him.

  10. jay13

    Indy doesn’t need Leveon Bell. Use those resources to expand on building that underrated defensive unit.

    The colts have a young confident team. I don’t know if I would be willing to mess that chemistry up for a RB a year removed from football last year. Great talent, but is it really worth it. I don’t think so.

    The Jets however…. I think it is a great fit. They need star power on that roster to help get Darnold some help.

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