Bills’ Alexander Likely To Retire After Season

This week, Lorenzo Alexander agreed to a new deal with the Bills that will keep him away from free agency in March. It also sounds like this will be his last contract, period. 

If you ask me today, yeah, this is my last year,” Alexander said (via Nick Veronica of the Buffalo News). “At some point you’ve got to eventually walk away from the game and start the second half of your life. Obviously, I’ve got a lot of life to live and there are other things I want to do. I have four kids that I want to be a part of what they’re doing, whether that’s Little League sports, dance, soccer, whatever that may look like.”

Alexander, who turns 36 in May, ranked eighth on the team in both defensive snaps played (62%) and special teams snaps played (39%). He also finished out with the second-highest Pro Football Focus score of any Bills player last season at 85.7 and finished with the second-most sacks on the team. Defensive end Jerry Hughes was the only teammate to finish higher than him in those categories.

Alexander’s new deal can pay him up to $4.55MM and carries a base value of $3MM. Given his past production and the league’s tendency to pay handsomely for pass rushers, one has to imagine that Alexander would have gotten more on the open market.

In addition to spending more time with the family, Alexander says he would like to go into broadcasting after his playing career is through.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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9 comments on “Bills’ Alexander Likely To Retire After Season

    • dave13

      FYI every time not currently in the playoffs (28 teams) are all looking ahead to next year. First paragraph states he would have been a free agent but signed a deal to keep him from that meaning the 1 year that remains on his deal the 2019-2020 season will be his last.

      Your comment was pointless and flat out dumb so hope this helps since you lack reading comprehension

    • Sirsleepit

      FYI, the article absolutely states that this next season, which he just signed an extension for, would be his last. Agree with you Dave, some of these people’s lack of reading comprehension astounds me.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think there is ample proof that sports fans will reject a broadcaster who is always trying to flaunt his intelligence (one Bob Costas is more than enough thank you). The best broadcasters are those with a simple everyman appeal like John Madden.

      • davidkaner

        I hated the Dallas QB while in Dallas but love his story, un-drafted FA to starter & became a very rich but humble man. He’s an excellent guy in the booth. Why? He’s not a know it all & respects the game & the effort these guys have to give each week. Bob Costas was arrogant, never played and was only speaking to the elite sports fans. Corporate broadcast stations loved him because he just spoke so “intelligently”. Never liked him. My guy is Chris Speilman , ex-Lion, heart & soul guy, underdog, he’s a warrior & gives great insight on the play , why it worked or why it didn’t.

      • connfyoozed

        I get what you’re saying but some of that has to do with how that broadcaster relays that intelligence to the public. I’ve seen Alexander interviewed a few times, and he’s come across to me as not at all being full of himself. More importantly, he’e able to describe elements of the game very clearly without using cliches and without sounding like he’s talking down to his audience.

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