Chargers’ Tyrell Williams: I’m A No. 1 WR

Chargers receiver Tyrell Williams is set to hit free agency in March. Based on his own self-evaluation, it sounds like he’ll be looking to make big bucks on the open market. 

I definitely feel like I’m a No. 1 receiver,” Williams said while exiting the Chargers’ facility earlier this month (via Eric D. Williams of “So I want to make sure that I clean up all of the little things in route running and blocking, to make sure I solidify myself as a No. 1.

Frankly speaking, Williams did not put up WR1 numbers in 2018 – he finished out with 41 catches for 653 yards and five touchdowns. However, he did show serious promise in 2016 when he caught 69 passes for 1,059 yards and seven scores as an NFL sophomore.

The Chargers, meanwhile, are interested in a new deal, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll be close on terms.

This past year, his game had already been solid, and he kind of took it to the next level this year,” Chargers general manager Tom Telesco said. “He’s certainly earned his second contract. Those are discussions we have to have, but I just don’t have hard answers at this point in the offseason.”

The WR market at large will dictate Williams’ asking price. In the 2017 offseason, wide receivers like Terrelle Pryor were met with disappointment in free agency. But, last year, players like Sammy Watkins and Paul Richardson found free agent riches. Williams is not expected to approach Watkins’ $16MM AAV, but he could be in line for a solid multi-year payday.

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21 comments on “Chargers’ Tyrell Williams: I’m A No. 1 WR

  1. carlos15

    If your No. 1 receiver is 3 catches and 40 yards a game than he’s your guy.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well he didn’t specify in what league he rates as a number one guy. The AAF and XFL will present opportunities.

  2. Kwflanne

    As a chargers fan….. stop. You are not a #1 receiver. You are a solid deep threat because of good (not great) speed, good height, and decent hands. You are essentially the exact same as the chargers other receiver…. Mike Williams. Only Williams has higher expectations and upside… whereas tyrell Williams has likely peaked. Lack of a slot receiver is what hurt the chargers, because rivers (although I love him) is waaaaay too immobile to deal with pressure due to a poor offensive line. And when your receivers are two deep threats with a lack of speed (Williams and Williams) and Keenan Allen (good route runner, great hands, but not elite speed and not a slot guy)…. then you pretty much just eliminated your checkdown abilities. That’s why rivers couldn’t dump the ball off to running backs all game, the patriots were smart. Have a spy on the running back out of the backfield, and bring pressure. Problem solved… because Williams/Williams/Allen aren’t done with their routes by the time pressure got to rivers and he had no true slot presence/quick route to release to. Bad play calling. Bad personnel. Sorry tyrell…. you certainly aren’t terrible, maybe a good number two guy…. but certainly aren’t a number one.

    • Vanilla Good

      Oh man! Tyrell is certainly in for a reality check after he reads this comment! Boom!

    • axisofhonor25

      Keenan started 45% or so of his snaps last year in the slot. He actually is pretty decent out of that position. I agree with you though Tyrell is mostly just a deep threat. I actually think Mike Williams is a better route runner. They can utilize him more than Tyrell. Have to look up the stats but based on the eye test, Mike was much better.

      • Kwflanne

        Allen did, but that was more out of necessity and lack of other options. Allen is a GREAT route runner, but he is MUCH better lined up outside the hashes. He lined up as a “slot” guy…. because mike Williams/tyrell Williams certainly can’t play any slot receiver, and their other option….. was Travis Benjamin. So yeah, Allen essentially lined up in the slot as a default. But that isn’t where he belongs at all. I agree, Mike Williams is far better than tyrell Williams… although both are injury concerns (tyrell seems to always have hamstring or quad issues, and it seems like mike Williams gets hurt every game and stays on the ground for a period of time…. only to return three series later.)

        • boltz82

          Totally disagree. Allen is best in the slot where a LB or S have to cover. He is the best route runner in football and those skills are exemplified in the slot.

          As far as Tyrell goes, I would love for the Chargers to retain him but not at the cost he can get on the open market. Probably best to let him go and involve Dylan Cantrell in the offense. That kid is a beast with phenomenal hands.

  3. JDGoat

    He’s pretty good, but how many “#1 WR’s” are #3 on their teams depth chart?

  4. TheTruth12

    I mean he could be the number 1 on a really bad team with little WR talent, Oak or Buf.

  5. kenleyfornia2

    Watkins didn’t exactly get paid like a #1. Williams is in line for a similar deal. 3 years around 40. Neither of them are #1 WRs

  6. Pitches Love Velocity

    Hes a great #2, but Chargers drafted Mike Williams and have Keenan Allen. Chargers need to get rid of Travis Benjamin and get themselves a true underneath slot receiver like Kupp Beasley Landry etc and a 2nd tight end along side hunter henry. Either in the draft or free agency.

    • boltz82

      A slot receiver AND a TE? That’s not going to happen unless in the late rounds where you won’t get much. We need LB help more than anything. The inability to stop the run is what killed them.

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