Jeffery Simmons Barred From Combine

The NFL Draft scouting combine is weeks away, but one of this year’s top prospects will not be taking part in the event. Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons, a potential top 10 pick, will not be invited because he does not meet the criteria for the NFL’s policy regarding past issues involving violence, Tom Pelissero of hears (Twitter link). The same goes for Colorado State wide receiver Preston Williams

Simmons was arrested for simple assault in 2016 after repeatedly striking a woman. For his part, Simmons says he was attempting to stop said woman from assaulting his sister. The incident occurred just before Simmons began his collegiate career and he was allowed to enter MSU while completing counseling programs. Williams, meanwhile, was arrested in 2017 for an altercation involving a woman.

So far, these are the only two known players to be barred from the combine for this year, sources tell Pelissero. However, invitations have been pulled in past after failed background checks.

Simmons, who stands 6’4″, 300 pounds, appeared in 37 total games in his three-year career with the Bulldogs, managing 159 tackles (30.5 for loss), six sacks, and five forced fumbles during that time. He was named first-team All-SEC in both 2017 and 2018, and this season won the Conerly Trophy as the top college football player in the state of Mississippi.

Despite the red flags, Simmons is widely expected to be an early first-round selection. ranks him as the draft’s No. 7 overall prospect.

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23 comments on “Jeffery Simmons Barred From Combine

  1. Phattey

    Just let it go wtf is the point behind all this people make mistakes move on from it

    • sufferfortribe

      Hmmm, I’ve never hit a woman before, even when the opportunity presented itself.
      Guys aren’t supposed to hit females, that’s the point.

  2. mbgutt

    Right when did this country become about a mistake equals no opportunity? So what is this guy supposed to do with the rest of his life? He makes a mistake as a teenager or even in early 20s and you must pay for that with the penalty of not working or using your talents? What a world we live in! How about we let the justice system handle punishment and industry and work be available to anyone who pursues it? If you don’t like the criminal justice system then work to change it!

      • redbeard87

        No, sadly, it’s not. Men are being deprived of due process and punished extra-judicially left and right these days. It’s a dangerous time to be a man, and you really should pay more attention if you didn’t know that.

    • cka2nd

      Well, for black men, the country has been this way (one mistake = no opportunity) for pretty much forever. Ditto for Latino and Native American men (Asian men, it depends what decade you’re talking about), and about 50/50 for poor white men, unless the violence was directed at people of color, in which case they could get off scot-free.

        • cka2nd

          What’s wrong, snowflake? Can’t handle the truth? A little honesty about class and race shaking up the windmills of your mind?

          Did mommy and daddy spank you enough? I got the slipper, myself, how about you?

  3. Tampadelphia Ed

    A ban from the combine does not mean he won’t get a chance to play in the NFL. As the article states, Simmons is expected to be a first round pick.

  4. JJB0811

    Its meaningless. All 32 teams will still go to MSU to watch him at their pro day. Many top players choose not to participate in the combine anyways. Its such a fake stance by the NFL. If they were really concerned by his behavior, he’d wouldn’t be allowed to get drafted.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The combine only exists so that owners can enjoy humiliating rookies by making them perform like trained seals at a circus. That they actually establish a criteria that rookies must meet to be a part of this farce is hilarious.

  5. Bk12

    Why would anyone waste a draft pick on this guy, let alone a 1st round pick?
    A history of abuse on women = blackballed from the league and rightfully so.
    He will come into the league with red flags and carry those with him until he proves otherwise.

    • Chris

      Everyone deserves a second chance. What Simmons did was egregious but by all accounts he’s been a model citizen since. No combine is enough punishment, cause even with pro days it’s not the same as competing on the nfl network with your peers from all over the country

    • redbeard87

      And I suppose we should just hang him from the nearest poplar tree? After all, it’s not like we need facts or evidence or a fair trial. It’s just another young black guy, so who cares if you’re ruining his life over spurious accusations

  6. mitchrapp

    I hope the Browns get him or he slips down to late 20’s and Bears get him signed

  7. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    He clearly should have left his sister to fend for herself.

    • redbeard87

      Shhh don’t mention that part. It will blow the minds of the “there’s never any reason to hit a woman” comment section heroes

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