Latest On Broncos’ OC Search

The Broncos continue to search for a new offensive coordinator, but it sounds like a front-runner has yet to emerge.

For starters, three candidates have already been connected to the opening: former head coach Gary Kubiak, 49ers quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello, and Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak. There was some optimism that the organization would hire Kubiak, but the two sides ultimately decided to go in different directions. The Broncos were denied their request to interview Scangarello, but Troy Renck of Denver7 (via Twitter) notes that the team is still pushing to interview the San Francisco quarterbacks coach.

When it comes to Munchak, it sounds like the long-time coach may not even be a candidate for the offensive coordinator opening. Renck says the Broncos are hoping to hire the 58-year-old as their offensive line coach, a position Munchak has held with the Steelers since 2014. Munchak’s contract with the Steelers has (or will soon) expire, so the Steelers wouldn’t truly have the means to block him from taking a different gig. We learned yesterday that Munchak was set to meet with the organization.

Ultimately, the final decision will come down to new head coach Vic Fangio. Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic tweets that “the hire will be completely Vic Fangio’s call.”

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7 comments on “Latest On Broncos’ OC Search

  1. bradthebluefish

    Better be Gary Kubiak. The guy would be a terrific head coach if his health would allow it.

    • Thomas Bliss

      I wish it was him. I say Elway needs to get his ego out the way and let Kubiak run the offense he wants to run.

  2. Thomas Bliss

    We got more needs then just the OC gig. I wonder who will ultimately stay from the Joseph staff and who the new guys will be. I know that the defense should get better under Fangio but I think it would be better for Miller and Chubb to get a linebacker and D line coaches that they are comfortable and confident in.

  3. madmanTX

    I don’t understand why the Steelers haven’t rushed to sign Muchak to an extension or offered to promote him to OC. The team need a shakeup, but needs to keep their best guys.

    • bucsfan

      The Steelers should make him the highest paid OL coach in the league. Maybe give him a new title as well. He has consistently turned late round picks and udfa into starters and quality reserves.

      As for OC, I wouldn’t fire Fichtner. The offense was fine this year and that would just piss Ben off, creating even more drama and dysfunction. The team needs a healthy shot of discipline and accountability. Can’t keep playing to the level of your opponent. Tomlin should be forced to hire assistants to help with challenges and clock management as well.

    • TJECK109

      The Steelers might have rushed to making him the highest paid OL coach but he might not be so quick to sign because of the drama and potential to land a better gig

  4. The Broncos were smart to say no to Kubiak. Kubiak is manic. Kubiak is all over the place with his decision making. He needs to retire. He wants to hire Rick Dennison his buddy. That’s not a professional relationship. Elway knows this and that is why he said no to Kubiak. Fangio is the coach and he probably weighed in on this also. There are some good OC out there. Darrell Beval who scouted out Russell Wilson and helped to bring him to Seattle . John Defillpo who has worked with Brett Farve in 2013 when he had that great year in Minnesota. These guys have experience and will help the offense so Fangio can focus on the defense. This is where the Broncos need to go for OC .

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