Redskins’ Reuben Foster Has Charge Dropped

The misdemeanor charge of domestic battery for Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster has been dropped, as reported by TMZ. Foster remains on the league’s exempt list for the time being, but this could be a step towards an eventual return. 

Foster was arrested in November for allegedly roughing up his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, at the 49ers’ team hotel in the Tampa area. Ennis also accused Foster of abuse in February but later recanted her story. Shortly thereafter, he was waived by the 49ers and claimed by the Redskins. The move by Washington was widely panned, though the Redskins say they that he will not play for them if the latest round of accusations are shown to have merit.

The Redskins fully understand the severity of the recent allegations against Reuben. If true, you can be sure these allegations are nothing our organization would ever condone,” Williams said. “Let me be clear, Reuben will have to go through numerous steps, including the full legal process, an investigation and potential discipline from the NFL, as well as meetings with counselors associated with the team, before he will ever have the opportunity to wear the Burgundy and Gold as a player.

If the league does permit Foster to play again, the Redskins will have a difficult decision on their hands.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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24 comments on “Redskins’ Reuben Foster Has Charge Dropped

  1. JJB0811

    What’s difficult? They signed him, the charges have been dropped. Pretty straight forward to me. Now I don’t think he’s a nice guy, but the legal system is what it is.

  2. Clark K

    The NFL needs to make an example out of this guy, domestic violence is not okay and has no place in this league. They’re probably gonna give him a 4 game suspension cause apparently beating people is just as bad as smoking weed. Really he should be banned for life.

      • Clark K

        When has charges dropped ever stopped the NFL from suspending? Regardless if he abused or not the fact that it’s the same girl both times shows he’s a fucking dumbass no place for those people in the nfl

        • Kwflanne

          Oh he will definitely receive a suspension under the player conduct rules…. but it will NOT be for domestic violence, like you posted. Domestic violence is a crime. He was not found guilty of a crime. In fact, the two times he was accused of this crime: one, her story was recanted. Now 2, she either recanted again or there is no evidence to support her allegations.

          So…. no, I will not be judging him guilty just because charges were dropped instead of him going to trial and being cleared. Charges dropped usually means there isn’t even enough evidence to bring the case to trial.

          • Polish Hammer

            Charges dropped do not mean innocent. Bringing shame on the league will get you suspended. That he saw his career flash before his eyes due to his run ins with this woman and didn’t avoid her at all costs shows you he doesn’t get it, so much that he came back for more. So does he harass her again because these charges have been dropped? Time to grow up and distance yourself from bad influences and those that bring out the worst in you and save your career.

    • Probably not in San Francisco, home city to the world’s second largest PC lynch mobs (Seattle is in first place).

      But there’s a nice warm landing in DC for Foster. Sweet home Alabama!

  3. redbeard87

    How is it difficult? If the charges were dropped, he is an innocent man. What is your obsession with lynching innocent black men?

    • maximumvelocity

      Charges being dropped do not mean someone is innocent. A not guilty verdict doesn’t even imply innocence. See OJ.

      • Vedder80

        So the only thing that matters is the accusation? Not the evidence in support thereof (or in this case lack of evidence)?

          • Smartz1

            Well of course accusation = guilty. If not, you are blaming the victim…cause “victims” never, ever lie or fabricate something. Now, I’ll admit he’s clearly a dumbass for continuing to have anything to do with her. My conclusion is she must be good in the sack. The psycho ones always are…

            • Polish Hammer

              And yet he didn’t learn from the first “false accusation” so he came back for another…charges dropped so he’ll hit her up again…

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