49ers May Tag Robbie Gould

The 49ers don’t want to let kicker Robbie Gould get away. Keeping the pending free agent may require using the franchise tag, and that’s a step they’re prepared to take, according to Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports. In fact, Maiocco expects them to slap the tag on Gould when the window officially opens on Tuesday. 

The 49ers haven’t used the tag since 2012 when they kept safety Dashon Goldson from exploring the open market. Last year, they considered tagging franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but they avoided that step altogether by inking him to a (briefly) record-setting five-year extension.

In this case, the tag would set some parameters for a future deal and allow the two sides to negotiate between now and the summer deadline. Tagging a kicker is not especially common, but there are no other candidates in SF for the designation this year. The tag for Gould would be roughly $5MM for this season and Gould’s camp would likely be amenable to a longer-term deal at a slightly lower AAV.

Gould has nailed 72 of 75 field goal attempts over the last two years with the Niners and he ranks as the second-most accurate kicker in league history. It’s especially impressive when considering that Gould has spent eleven of his 14 seasons kicking out of Soldier Field with the Bears.

For his part, Gould has spoken highly of the 49ers organization.

It’s been a really, really awesome two years here,” Gould said in December. “Obviously, the records haven’t been what people might think they’d be. But as an older player, you can understand what they’re building. You can understand what it looks like, just because you’ve seen all types of situations in the last 14 years. I think these young guys getting playing time is something that we need for next year because if we didn’t have it this year, and it just so happens to start next year, some of those mistakes that could be made … can cost you a football game.”

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10 comments on “49ers May Tag Robbie Gould

  1. jeremy

    With the way teams kept getting new kickers last season . 49ers need to do whatever they can to keep him

    • crosseyedlemon

      That the 49ers don’t have anyone better to cap probably explains why they have struggled so much.

  2. tim2686

    Bears trade Parkey and a 7th rounder to the 49ers for a tagged Gould (post June 1st for most cap savings). Parkey goes on to play decently in warm weather for 1 year and Gould plays stellar in Chicago. 49ers replace Parkey with the 7th rounder.

    • jred1979

      Why would the 49ers intentionally make their team significantly worse?

      Nice to see wishful thinking on the Bears part, but anyone who wants Parkey can have him for free once the Bears cut him. No need to give up a real kicker in Gould.

    • roddy1018

      Bears need to snag up Matt Bryant because even in his age, he is still an upgrade from Parkey

      • Rondon

        Problem with Bryant is he’s been a predominately indoor kicker since leaving the Giants many years ago. Probly wouldn’t fly in Chicago.

  3. Thronson5

    I think it’s obviously how important it is to have a good kicker in the NFL and when you find one you have to keep him. I think he wants to o back to Chicago but the 9ers would be smart to tag him ans mKe sure he stays not just this year but next also if they have to tag him two years in a row. 9ers have the money so won’t matter. They already had a lot of money but then letting Garçon, Gillman and Mitchell all go they have even more money now so this wouldn’t even put a dent in the money they have in cap space. I hear they are very serious about trying to trade for OBJ which would eat up some of that cap space but again with the money they have it would be worth it to make both those moves (tagging Gould and trading for OBJ) and I pray they do! If they can keep Gould, trade for OBJ or even AB, sign Earl Thomas and make some smart draft picks this team can me a playoff team one year after having the 2nd worse record in football.

    Check the link about the OBJ rumor since I’m sure there will be people saying it’s not true lol

    link to profootballtalk.nbcsports.com

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