Bengals Requested Interview With Ohio State DC Jeff Hafley

The Bengals have struck out on yet another name in their seemingly never-ending search for a defensive coordinator. The team wanted to interview Ohio State defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley for the position but Hafley turned them down, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Hafley is currently the defensive coordinator at Ohio State, a job he took just last month. Sources told Garafolo that Hafley didn’t want to “renege on his commitment” to the Buckeyes. Before joining Ohio State, Hafley had been a defensive assistant in the NFL since 2012, most recently serving as the 49ers’ secondary coach for the past three seasons.

It’s yet another blow to Cincinnati as new head coach Zac Taylor looks to fill out his inaugural staff. Just yesterday they were blocked from interviewing Saints assistant Aaron Glenn. Earlier yesterday they were shot down by Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, who had initially appeared very likely to take the job. They had previously offered the job to and been turned down by former Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers.

The Bengals are likely looking at a rebuild, which could be scaring off veteran coaches. They do have some talent on defense, and it’s pretty surprising that they haven’t found somebody yet. They were granted permission to talk to Rams cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant earlier this week, so perhaps they circle back to him.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Bengals Requested Interview With Ohio State DC Jeff Hafley

    • BigRedsFan41017

      Taylor did snag a coach from Cincinnati Moeller High Schoo just the other week! This shows how cheap Mike Brown is with money! Maybe a wake up call would help if fans stopped buying tickets like it did with the Reds as they’ll spending money after 4 consecutive 90 plus game loss and the lowest attendance since 1994.

      • Who-Dey_KY


        The guy you’re referring to wasn’t hired as a coach, he was hired to an administrative position. He held a similar position at University of Cincinnati, so lets not pretend his only qualifications are HS coach.

  1. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Poor Bunglers. This is getting ridiculous. Instead of “Shooting for the Stars” maybe kick some tires on some AAF DC’s? Cal Poly SLO had a good defense last season, maybe request an interview with their LB Coach?

  2. joeshmoe11

    They already had the 2nd youngest team in the NFL and have a ready-made offense if you can upgrade the right side of the line. Dalton is solid, Green and Boyd are one of the best WR tandems, Ross has been a disappointment but was a red zone demon last year, and have one of the best RB in Mixon. It’s amazing how many people who write about football rely completely on anecdotes without subjectively looking at a team and it’s roster. The defense needs youth on the line and to overhaul the linebackers but boast one of the best corners in William Jackson III, serviceable veteran in Kirkpatrick, and an All Rookie safety in Jessie Bates. None of that screams rebuild. But #narrative

    • TheTruth12

      Dalton is solid? Good joke he’s not even top 20, it’s obvious he’s not a franchise guy, he threw more picks this year than games he played in! Mixon is really good but not at all one of the best. The truth is this team has several key players that are up there in age, they are the worst team in their own division. They have a few nice players but to think they’ll be playoff contenders in the next season or 2 is crazy. They absolutely should be shooting for early picks and rebuild

      • captainchaos55

        Unfortunately as a Bengals fan, I agree with Truth12. This searching for a DC is getting bad. I don’t understand why it’s not an attractive job. I say this because, the defense was horrible and there’s no where to go but up. You could come in and finish in the top 20 and look like a superstar. Additionally, you have an organization that is overly faithful to their staff. You can work in Cincy a longtime, just ask Marvin. I am tired of Dalton. If we are going to start all over with all the new coaching, then let’s do a total make over and get a QB with a lot more upside, let’s face it, while Dalton is serviceable , he ranks some where from 20 to 25 in league qb ranking. When you think about the playoffs, can you really see him competing with the likes of Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, Maholmes, Goff etc… we have seen his ceiling and it’s not in the same league as these guys. Draft a QB that could become a stud with that kind of upside. I’d rather roll the dice on that scenario than spend more time throwing Dalton out there when it’s clear he may when a few games but at the end of the day he can’t beat those guys and it’s a pipe dream to think otherwise.

        • jcraft21

          Give any quarterback time he will shred you. NFL quarterback that is. Dalton’s problems were on the sideline with that clown Lewis running the show

        • Who-Dey_KY

          Whether or not you think Dalton can compete with guys like Mahomes is irrelevant to joe schoe’s point, which is basically that the Bengals are better than most teams with coach openings. Usually a 6-10 team is total garbage, but the Bengals still have a nucleus of players that led the team to 5 straight playoff berths, and yes that includes Dalton. This isn’t a question of “can these guys get to a Super Bowl” it’s a question of “is the roster enticing to prospective coaches”. I’d say yes without a doubt.

      • joeshmoe11

        #12 QB in 2018 per Pro Football Focus. 81.9 grade puts him in the “good” category, was 79 in 17, career grade right about 80. Research and reading are difficult

        • TheTruth12

          I didn’t want to bring up this season cause he didn’t get to play the whole season but now I will! 28th in completion %, 20th in TDs, 18th in picks mind you the majority of players that had more played more games. But yeah use the thing that says he’s the #12 best QB I don’t think any sane person thinks he’s the #12 QB or anywhere close to it.

          • joeshmoe11

            So you trust your “analysis” over a company that breaks down every play for teams’ consumption? Cool. Wish I we’re that blissfully ignorant and confident.

            • slpdajab55

              I think he gave you rankings in critical areas ? That’s more facts than you did joeshmoe

        • slpdajab55

          As a Bengal fan …. qbs I’d rather have… besides the obvious elite ….Manning, Foles, Newton, Darnold, Allen, Stafford, Winston, Flacco , Cousins, Trubisky , Carr

          • joeshmoe11

            I’m not here to say Dalton is the GOAT but I would take him over most starters. Flacco, Cousins, Ryan, Alex Smith are all the same guy

  3. fieldsj2

    Around this time last year Dick LeBeau said he still wanted to coach. I know he’s 81 but somebody’s got to coach the D…

  4. itslonelyatthetrop

    Perhaps the defense should just call their own plays. Sandlot style.

  5. ekrog

    It doesn’t matter who their coaches are. As long as Mikey Brown runs the show, the Bengals will be a joke.

    • joeshmoe11

      Mike doesn’t run anything nor has he for about a decade. Duke Tobin handles personnel and Katie Blackburn handles the business side

      • Smartz1

        If you honestly believe he doesn’t have a huge say in what happens, you are high as hell. Please, pass me some of what you are smoking.

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